How about the management mechanism of Aomi?
Guangzhou Aomi Water Purification System Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a leading company in China to export water distributor. Aomi's enterprise spirit is to be pragmatic, rigorous and efficient. The business concept is focused on integrity and win-win cooperation. We are committed to providing quality products and services and creating a first-class brand in the industry. pressure filter can be used widely and meet the package requirements for various kinds of perfume.语句内容测试 water filter system series that Aomi shows you are as follows. Equipped with superior lamp beads, flow control valve is soft in light, high in luminous efficiency and excellent in color reproduction. It is free from stroboscopic effect and is harmless to the human eyes. Aomi has always been guided by the needs of its customers. Water treatment system can be applied into a wide variety of places, like laboratory, hospital,etc. If you have any questions, feel free to consult us.

Frequently blocked security filter Hello, it may be that the filter area is too small or the filter accuracy is too high. you need to open the security filter to see what the filter is blocked. First of all, accurately calculate the dosage of your flocculation and confirm whether the concentration of the drug you purchased is consistent with the instructions. I have encountered such a situation, the purchased liquid iron chloride, the theoretical calculation of the dosage is 6PPM, based on the nominal concentration of 31%, the result caused a serious blockage of the UF Membrane. later, the concentration of Iron Chloride was confirmed to be 40% by ICP, so that the actual concentration reached 10ppm; the harm of excessive amount of flocculation is sometimes quite serious. of course, this best concentration still needs to be tested to confirm!Secondly, your process problem: the efficiency of the sedimentation tank behind your flocculation needs to be confirmed. what is the other household water purifier conn

Number of filter elements to improve the quality of life production The filter element number is a quality requirement for the filter element, the specification standard, the hole eye number of the screen determines the quality of the filter element, and determines the size of the filter element to filter particles, it can more affect our choice of filter size, so that we can know where all filter elements are used, and we will not choose wrong, so that we can make the best use of it. This general statement may not be understood by everyone. here is a brief introduction in detail, hoping to bring you useful help.1. 'mesh' refers to the number of holes on each square inch screen. 50 mesh refers to 500 holes on each square inch. the higher the number of eyes, the more holes. In addition to representing the hole eye of the screen, it is used to indicate the particle size of the particles that can pass through the screen, the higher the number of mesh, the smaller the particle size. 2. the size of the powder p
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