How can I track my Precision filter price ?
Guangzhou Aomi Water Purification System Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a leading company in China to export frp tank. Aomi always strives for modern brand building and constant innovation and development. We promote sustainable development of production in the Manufacturing Machinery industry by establishing long-term management mechanism. ro machine developed and produced by Aomi is widely applied to many industries and fields. It can fully meet the diversified needs of customers. This page shows you the flow control valve series. filter cartridges is made from safe materials that are harmless to human health. Besides, the firm connection of each part greatly enhances the stability of the overall structure and effectively prevents wind, shock and impact. Aomi provides excellent customer service while advising the customer on flow control valve maintenance. High-level materials ensure the great durability of products. our company provides quality products and excellent services. Customers are warmly welcome to contact us.

Will the faucet filter out the useful elements? Faucet water purifier refers to a micro water purification device directly installed and hung on the home faucet,It simply filters tap water through pp cotton, activated carbon, compressed carbon, etc,It mainly provides purified water for cooking, washing vegetables, washing faces, brushing teeth, etc,Generally, the water outlet of the faucet water purifier is not recommended for direct drinking,It is best to drink after burning.

Why can the hepa filter of the vacuum cleaner be washed and the air purifier not work? 1.Different materials,In fact, HEPA can't be washed,The materials of the foreign industrial vacuum cleaner HEPA are mostly blended with glass fiber, polyurethane and other materials,Water washing will have a certain impact on the material,Originally, HEPA did efficient filtering,Washing will reduce the accuracy,Therefore, it is not recommended to wash water (it is not excluded that some HEPA that can be washed is not HEPA at all,BIA certification certificate can be requested for verification ).2.There is a paper filter for air purification,After washing, it will deform,Lose precision.HEPA precision H14 standard (BIA certification): 0.3 micron filtration efficiency D.O.P99.999%, 0.18 Micron D.O.P99.95%,Compared with the general air purification filter HEPA accuracy is higher.3.Other industrial vacuum cleaners (imported,The warranty machine has not found credible relevant data at present. the configuration filter is mostl
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