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How do microorganisms purify water in sewage treatment?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-04-06
How do microorganisms purify water in sewage treatment? Author: microbial decontamination process in waste water treatment, in general, mainly sewage from organic substances harmful compounds degradation and conversion role. The following editor will introduce to you how microorganisms purify water in sewage treatment. 1. Degradation. Bacteria, fungi and algae can all degrade organic pollutants. For example, aerobic gram-negative bacilli and cocci can degrade petroleum hydrocarbons, organophosphorus pesticides, chlorobenzene, etc.; molds can degrade petroleum hydrocarbons, trichlorfon, promethazine, etc.; algae can degrade a variety of phenolic compounds. 2. Co-metabolism. Co-metabolism refers to the phenomenon that microorganisms can decompose organic matter matrix, but cannot use this matrix as energy and constituent elements. Such microorganisms include Pseudomonas, Acinetobacter, Nocardia, Bacillus, etc. 3. Detoxification. Detoxification means that microorganisms change the molecular structure of pollutants through transformation, degradation, mineralization, polymerization and other reactions, thereby reducing or removing their toxicity. For example, the organophosphorus pesticide malathion can be decomposed into substances containing one or two acids under the hydrolysis of microorganisms. It is worth noting that the role of microorganisms is complex. Some microorganisms have toxic effects while purifying. Thereby generating new pollution. For example, trichloroethylene can be converted into vinyl chloride under the action of microorganisms, which is a strong carcinogen. Therefore, while using microorganisms for purification, it is necessary to closely monitor the intermediate and final products of the decomposition of organic matter in the system and their toxicity. Through the above introduction, we know how microorganisms purify water in the process of sewage treatment. Microorganisms must be used rationally and do not cause new harm to the environment. That would not be worth the loss.
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