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How Do Reverse Osmosis Filters Remove Bacteria? How?



The RO System uses the process of reversing the flow of water by the process of osmosis. Water passes from a lowly concentrated solution to a highly concentrated solution via a semi-permeable membrane. Filters (pre and post filters) are usually put along this membrane. The filters have pores of about 0.0001 micro. The pores are made small to eliminate bacteria like Salmonella, Shigella, Campylobacter, E. Coli. This is important to ensure that the human body does not to succumb to illnesses caused by these bacteria.


If this system sounds of great importance, it would be healthy for us to pose here and just think about its price. Is it affordable? If it is affordable, is it worth every penny spent from your budgeted pocket? OCPURITECH will help us answer the question. Let us take a scoop!



Ocpuritech is one of the prominent manufacturer of the RO System, Seawater Desalination deionized water system, Ultrafiltration

system and filter Cartridge in China. It prides itself in using the best components from Hyranautics, CNP, Schneider, Dow, Vontron, Shimge, Toray and many others. Ocpuritech has over the past years earned a competitive advantage and embraced ethical business

practices at all points of designing, producing quality products, building and delivering excellent services.


Having more than 10 years of water-treatment solution experiences, Ocpuritech has consistently been able to deliver rich and quality water treatment systems to meet the specific and preferred needs of its customers.Since its inception by Guangzhou in 2008 to now, Ocpuritech has designed more than 6,000 systems for more than 200 esteemed customers in over 30 countries across the world. It has

since expanded its marketing line to more than 1,000 square meters.


On a daily basis, customers purchase many RO systems for the core purpose of protecting their families from contaminations found in water. The systems remove suspended materials out of water. This water may have been sourced from city water, tap water or underground water. These sources are unprotected and bacteria may find its way in the water. Application of this water can be in Hotels, Food, Restaurant, Cinemas or Hospitals. This is evidence enough that we are surrounded by very many sources of water and the chances of us taking the water is very high.


Having mentioned that one of the systems manufactured by this prominent company is the RO System, this article focuses on this system. To narrow the study down, a scrutiny of the system’s cost is discussed as below!


Factors affecting Reverse Osmosis System Cost

The total Reverse Osmosis System cost varies greatly. These variation is due to some factors. The core factor being the amount of treated water that is required. High demand of water calls for a large system to be installed and hence a more costs on the system and a higher installation price too. Other factors include:


The brand and model of a specific system The size of the system Maintenance methods of the system Pre-filter alternativesThe frequency of membrane. Labor required





Scrutiny of the factors

Save your cash at Ocpuritech!

The low cost of human labor will enable you to save a lot. Labor includes installation, check-ups, repairs among others. The systems are greatly mechanized by nature. For instance, they require very minimal monitoring and controlling supervision. They are actually controlled using a remote. This therefore means that the very minimal labor cost is put in place.


The maintenance requirements of the RO system are fewer when compared with other types of water filtration and purification systems. Note that irrespective of the size of your system, the cost will also be determined by the level of maintaining the systems. Even though less maintenance is required, effective management is a chief factor to durability of the system. With appropriate measures put in place, minimal build-up is ensured. This reduces the cost of the system. However, with poor maintenance, damages and breakages are bond to occur and this may lead to regular repairs hence a very high-cost of maintaining the system. Knowledge on how to maintain is thus important.


Even though the prices of the system might differ, the cost benefits attained from the system are almost the same. For starters, the RO Systems are powered by electricity. Due to this fact, RO systems are cost-effective. They consume very little energy hence having a totality of low operation cost. This is not only applicable for small-seized RO Systems but also for the very large RO systems.







The Cost

The home RO System ranges from $12,000-$18,000. Isn’t it cost-effective? Basically, the home reverse osmosis system is very suitable for rural water conditions that may be having challenges like high levels of salinity and hardness. They can as well be put in urban homes whose demand for quality water from their home taps.


More Products

Ocpuritech also supplies different water-treatment accessories like: precision filter, filter cartridges, vales, pumps, FRP tanks and UV sterilizer. Other products include: sand filters, triggered carbon filter or filter cartridges. In one way or the other, directly or indirectly, these products are used to aid remove the presence of bacteria in the water. In some instances, you will be required to pay for the products differently. In some other cases, some of the products’ cost are inclusive of the system’s cost.



With a well-trained and qualified foreign trade team, the company has always had an increased sales turn and a very high profit margin. This is not even because their RO Systems are very expensive, but because Ocpuritech have designed plenty of affordable RO systems for consumers.


Their professional engineers have the skills to create modified solutions to solve almost any type of water treatment challenge. Ranging from detailed drawing & budgetary proposals, report analysis, pilot testing and even system startups, the technicians will carry out every activity possible to bring the project to a success. Choosing the company to create designs and manufacture the system guarantees you of nothing but cost-effective services.






Facing the challenge of insufficient knowledge on how to eliminate bacteria from your water? Do not worry anymore! Ocpuritech has got you covered. Cherish life by purifying water from its source. It is worth every penny spent from your pockets. Waste no more time! Contact us now at Ocpuritech and be among the millions enjoying pure water from an RO system.

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