How does Beijing reverse osmosis pure water treatment equipment increase water production in use-Ocp

How does Beijing reverse osmosis pure water treatment equipment increase water production in use?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-05-28
Beijing reverse osmosis water treatment equipment in use, how to enhance water production Author:? Reverse osmosis water treatment equipment production out of the water, pure water, widely used to meet various production needs, such as food and industrial areas are , As users increase the use of reverse osmosis pure water treatment equipment, some users will encounter some problems. Especially in the process of using reverse osmosis pure water water treatment equipment, I always feel that the water production of reverse osmosis pure water water treatment equipment is low, so consult environmental protection to see if there is a way to increase the water production of reverse osmosis pure water water treatment equipment. In the long-term use of reverse osmosis pure water water treatment equipment, the water production has decreased. One of the reasons is that the membrane is blocked by fouling. In order to distinguish the colloidal fouling, it is necessary to determine the SDI value of the raw water and analyze the SDI test. Retentate on the membrane surface, check and analyze the deposit on the end face of the branch membrane element. The method to distinguish whether there is fouling: check whether there is fouling on the concentrated water side of the system; take out the latter membrane element and weigh it. The membrane element with serious fouling is generally heavier, and analyze the water quality data of the raw water. Determine the cause of the failure of the preparation purified water equipment due to the decrease in water production caused by fouling. At this time, the reverse osmosis system should be cleaned. Please find a professional manufacturer for detailed cleaning methods to ensure that the equipment will not be damaged due to operating errors. . Today, environmental protection also has a few tips to share with you, hoping to help you. 1. Increase the number of membrane groups: increasing the number of membranes within the allowable range of the water supply of the pump can increase the output of pure water, so that the hourly output of pure water equipment can reach 3.5 tons, which fully meets the production requirements. 2. Strengthen management and turn on regularly: During the process of using purified water equipment, operation management should be strengthened to allow operators to make relevant records and accumulate data; if problems are found, maintenance personnel should be notified in time for handling, and the equipment should be turned on for more than one hour a day during holidays. Keep the membrane in good working condition. 3. Utilization of concentrated water: Because the concentrated water produced in the pure water manufacturing process has high hardness and cannot be reused, resulting in a large amount of waste of concentrated water, we can use a water softener to soften the tap water, and the current hardness of concentrated water Less than 1% of the tap water, the concentrated water drainage pipe is directly allocated to the circulating pool, the water is completely used, and the hardness of the circulating water is also reduced.
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