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How should the desalinated water equipment system be cleaned?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-03-22
How should the desalinated water equipment system be cleaned? Author: water desalination equipment required for the entire system at work for some time to clean, so water desalination equipment to work properly, the water quality to water production is guaranteed, because for a long time without cleaning, there will be some impurities in the system, the bacteria , Affect the water production, the following editor will introduce how to clean the desalinated water equipment. 1. When the machine is shut down at night, tap water as raw water can be used to backwash the quartz sand filter and activated carbon filter. Because tap water has a certain pressure, it can still enter the sand filter and carbon filter through the pump body of the pressurized water pump and the return valve. 2. According to the quality of the raw water and the operation of the equipment, the operation cycle and time of the automatic water softener can be set according to the needs of the user. 3. The quartz sand or activated carbon in the sand filter or carbon filter is recommended to be cleaned and replaced once a year or half a year. 4. The fine filter is drained once a week. The PP filter element in the fine filter is cleaned every 1 to 3 months. The shell can be disassembled, the filter element can be taken out, rinsed with water, and then reinstalled. It is recommended to replace it every six months. 5. If it is not because of the temperature and pressure that the water production is gradually reduced by 15%, or the water quality gradually declines and exceeds the standard, it means that the reverse osmosis membrane needs to be chemically cleaned. 6. During the operation of the desalinated water equipment, some failures may occasionally occur due to various reasons. After a problem occurs, the operation record should be checked in detail to analyze the cause of the failure. 5. After closing the equipment, connect the cleaning system to the water inlet of the desalinated water equipment. 6. Connect the product water pipeline of the desalinated water equipment to the cleaning system to form a cycle, and put the concentrated water discharge pipeline to a suitable discharge point. 7. Turn on the cleaning equipment to clean until the membrane elements are thoroughly cleaned. 8. Finally, rinse with reverse osmosis product water until the cleaning fluid is completely drained. That's it for the introduction of how to clean the desalinated water equipment. Through the above introduction, I hope everyone will have a certain understanding during the next cleaning. The long-term stable operation of the desalinated water equipment is inseparable from the usual maintenance, maintenance and cleaning.
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