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How to achieve recycling and reuse of polyamide wastewater treatment?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-03-22
How to achieve recycling and reuse of polyamide wastewater treatment? Author: behind the continuous development of industry, the growing problem of industrial waste water, cause great negative impact on the environment and human health. Polyamide wastewater treatment mainly comes from the polyamide wastewater produced in the industrial production process. Polyamide is a very harmful pollutant. It cannot be decomposed by microorganisms. It can only transfer its location and change its physical and chemical form. After scientific treatment of polyamide wastewater, its pollutant concentration index can be discharged after meeting the discharge requirements, but the large amount of heavy metal pollutants contained in it cannot be decomposed, which makes the harm of wastewater cannot be solved. Therefore, the domestic polyamide wastewater treatment model with the goal of zero pollution discharge has attracted increasing attention. At present, if the polyamide wastewater is to be recycled and reused and the wastewater is reused to the greatest extent, a wastewater purification and reuse system can be established, that is, the qualified polyamide wastewater can be properly treated and then fully utilized. It can not only alleviate the current situation of increasingly tense water resources, but also solve the problem of industrial wastewater resource utilization. The process flow of polyamide wastewater treatment is as follows: First, the factory's sewage pipeline is centrally intercepted, and the water lift pump is used to pump it into the storage tank, and then the sewage pump is used to pump the wastewater into the vortex reactor. Second, the mortar in the lime slurry pool is driven into the vortex reactor by the lime slurry pump, and the dosing pump is used to pump the polymer coagulant solution into the vortex reactor to cause a chemical reaction in the reactor. Third, the liquid after the chemical reaction overflows and flows to the clarification tank, the single valve filter tank and the clean water tank. Fourth, after the liquid settles in the clean water tank, it can overflow into the water inlet ditch of the circulating water tower and use it as supplementary water for the circulating water, and finally realize the reuse of polyamide wastewater.
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