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How to choose the urban domestic sewage treatment process?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-04-03
How to choose the urban domestic sewage treatment process? Author: In today's urban life, will have a lot of sewage, the sewage has seriously affected the quality of life in our environment, on many occasions in the installation of sewage treatment equipment to solve this problem, but many consumers do not understand how Choosing the urban domestic sewage treatment process, the following editor will introduce to you. 1. The current urban domestic sewage treatment method uses the traditional activated sludge method, which often requires high capital construction costs, high operating costs, high energy consumption, complex management, and sludge expansion. The process equipment cannot meet the requirements of high efficiency and low consumption. . 2. As the sewage discharge standards continue to be strict, the requirements for the discharge of nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus in the sewage are relatively high. The traditional sewage treatment processes with the function of nitrogen and phosphorus removal are mostly based on the activated sludge method. Multiple anaerobic and aerobic reaction tanks are connected in series to form a multi-stage reaction tank. The purpose of nitrogen and phosphorus removal is achieved by increasing the internal circulation. This is bound to increase the cost of capital investment and energy consumption, and make operation and management more complicated. 3. At present, the treatment of urban sewage is mainly concentrated. The investment in the huge sewage collection system far exceeds the investment in the sewage treatment plant itself. Therefore, the construction of a large sewage treatment plant concentrates the treatment of domestic sewage, and the sewage is recycled and reused. From a perspective, it is not necessarily the only feasible solution. Many places have begun to adopt domestic sewage treatment equipment, which has a good treatment of sewage. 4. Design a reasonable plan for treatment according to the problems faced by domestic sewage, adopt suitable domestic sewage treatment equipment, so that our domestic sewage can be treated well, and it will also bring great help to the sustainable development of our lives. It also provides us with a safe and healthy living environment. According to the characteristics of urban domestic sewage to determine how to choose the urban domestic sewage treatment process, different processes will achieve different sewage treatment processes, and you must make a clear choice.
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