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How to clean and maintain evaporative marine desalination equipment on a daily basis?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-03-21
How to clean and maintain evaporative marine desalination equipment on a daily basis? Author: Marine evaporative desalination equipment can effectively remove seawater inorganic salts, heavy metal ions, organic bacteria, germs and other harmful components, the desalination to meet the national drinking water standard of water quality. With research in the field of seawater desalination and the application of new technologies, the series of seawater desalination equipment developed are suitable for islands, resident sites and coastal water-scarce cities. In order to achieve better working efficiency of evaporative marine desalination equipment, attention must be paid to the maintenance of the equipment. The daily cleaning and maintenance of seawater desalination are mainly divided into low pressure washing, shutdown protection, and SWRO membrane chemical cleaning. The SWRO membrane is the core component of reverse osmosis seawater desalination, and special attention must be paid to both the usual maintenance and the daily maintenance. The cleaning process of SWRO membrane is a key point. The specific cleaning process is as follows: 1. Clean the medicine tank first, put the cleaning agent into the medicine tank, and add reverse osmosis product water to mix to a suitable concentration. 2. Then the pH value of the cleaning solution needs to be detected, and the range is moderate between 2.0-3.5. If it is not suitable, make appropriate adjustments. 3. When the water treatment equipment is running, read the PH value of reverse osmosis product water and concentrated water, and make corresponding records. 4. Because there are a large number of microorganisms, bacteria and algae in the seawater. The proliferation of bacteria and algae and the growth of microorganisms in seawater will not only bring a lot of troubles to water intake facilities, but also directly affect the normal operation of marine desalination equipment and process pipelines. Therefore, desalination projects mostly use liquid chlorine, sodium hypochlorite and sulfuric acid. Chemical agents such as copper are used to kill bacteria and algae. 5. After closing the evaporative marine desalination equipment, connect the cleaning system to the water inlet of the reverse osmosis system. 6. Connect the product water pipeline of the evaporative marine desalination equipment to the cleaning system to form a cycle, and put the concentrated water discharge pipeline to a suitable discharge point. 7. Open the cleaning device to clean until the membrane element is thoroughly cleaned. 8. Finally, use the product water of the evaporative marine desalination equipment to rinse until the cleaning fluid is completely discharged.
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