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How to control the inlet water quality of small desalination equipment?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-04-04
How to control the inlet water quality of small desalination equipment? Author of the article: the time when the use of small desalination equipment, water quality requirements of seawater is relatively high, a lot of tiny plankton and various ions contained in seawater, etc., is very rich in marine reserves, it can be used It is converted into fresh water, but the seawater contains 3.6% of the salt, which means that if the seawater is to be desalinated, it is necessary to find a way to remove 9% of the salt. How to control the quality of influent seawater, pretreatment of seawater is an important step. So how to control the water quality of the small-scale seawater desalination treatment equipment? 1. The current problems of reverse osmosis When the reverse osmosis membrane method is used for seawater desalination, it needs to have stricter requirements on the water quality of the seawater. When the treatment is only slight When polluted water quality is usually called high-quality seawater, the RO pretreatment is generally carried out using cartridge filters and multi-media filters. This is a traditional method. The advantage of this method is that the processing cost is low, but there are also disadvantages. That is, the filtration accuracy is low, the water output is greatly affected by the incoming water quality, and the area is large. Once the seawater pollution occurs during a certain period of time, and the water quality fluctuates greatly, the reverse osmosis membrane will affect the suspended matter in the seawater. The removal capacity of colloids is limited, and the requirements for RO influent are difficult to guarantee. Therefore, in recent years, experts and scholars have studied more how to use membrane methods with higher filtration precision to pretreat seawater. 2. Technical optimization of quality control of water supply pretreatment 2.1 Pretreatment of seawater chlorination There are many microorganisms in natural seawater, and the water quality is relatively hard, and usually small seawater desalination equipment is located in the position of surface seawater, where the water temperature is higher. The microbial pollution is very serious, which has caused many problems to the operation of the desalination system. It often contaminates the surface of the reverse osmosis membrane. The result is that the increase in the pressure difference of the components, the decrease in the desalination rate and the decrease in water production will cause serious accidents, or even Discontinued, etc. In the process of reverse osmosis membrane seawater desalination, the pretreatment of water is particularly important. For example, the seawater desalination device that has been put into operation in Saudi Arabia faces the above-mentioned problem of seawater pretreatment. The local marine microbial pollution is serious, resulting in seawater desalination. The high operating cost of the device has always plagued the local government. There are various kinds of seaweeds and bacteria living in the seawater. They can reproduce quickly. In order to control their growth, the local chlorination method is used for disinfection and sterilization, but it ignores the big problem. The chlorine resistance of most reverse osmosis membranes is poor, which causes degradation and damage of reverse osmosis membranes. After years of observation, it is found that through certain pretreatment of seawater, the past continuous chlorination method has been improved to become discontinuous. The chlorination, the amount of chlorine added can just inhibit the growth of seaweeds, etc., and it cannot be killed immediately, but this treatment has made more improvements in the quality of seawater. 2.2 Seawater microfiltration pretreatment technology In order to better eliminate colloidal substances in the feed seawater, domestic and foreign experts have proposed the use of membrane treatment as the reverse osmosis pretreatment process, and the use of microfiltration as the pretreatment of seawater reverse osmosis without adding Chemicals such as flocculants, bactericides and residual chlorine removers, improve the water quality of reverse osmosis from SDI<3 of the traditional treatment method to SDI<1, and do not significantly increase the pretreatment cost of reverse osmosis. This technology is due to the improvement Improve the water quality, not only extend the service life of the reverse osmosis membrane, but also help improve the recovery rate of the system and reduce operating costs. The above is the introduction of the editor on how to control the water quality of the small-scale desalination treatment equipment. I hope it will be helpful to everyone and do the pretreatment of the seawater correctly so as not to damage the small-scale desalination equipment.
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