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How to deal with the scaling problem of brackish water desalination equipment?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-05-07
How to deal with the scaling problem of brackish water desalination equipment? Author: brackish salt water mainly composed of Nael (2.68%), MgCi (0.32%), MgSo (0.22%), CaSo4 (0.12%), KCi (0.07%) and NaBr (0.008%), which means that both Because brackish water is rich in chemical resources, it also means that this will result in high hardness in brackish water. It will cause the phenomenon of scaling, so how to control the scaling of brackish water desalination equipment? In the process of steaming brackish water desalination, these carbonates, bicarbonates, sulfates, etc. are thermally decomposed or converted into different forms of precipitation It causes fouling on the heat transfer surface. Scale is divided into soft scale (alkaline scale) and hard scale (calcium sulfate scale). Alkaline scale is decomposed by bicarbonate in brackish water. The solubility of the above two kinds of precipitates decreases with increasing temperature. The treatment methods for the above two alkaline scales mainly include PH control method and water quality stabilization method. The PH control method is to add sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid to the brackish water to pre-decompose the bicarbonate present in the brackish water, so that the calcium bicarbonate will not be thermally decomposed during the heat transfer process, and then the calcium carbonate and magnesium hydroxide precipitates are formed. Because of its low cost and convenient operation, this method has been widely used in the brackish water desalination method. The water stabilizer method is what we call the pharmaceutical method. By adding a water stabilizer (scaling inhibitor) to the brackish water, the calcium ions and magnesium ions in the brackish water will not form salt precipitation. This method is also easy to operate. Only the cost is slightly higher than the PH control method. Causes of Hard Scale and Principle of Scale Inhibition Due to the transition time from calcium sulfate hydrate to calcium sulfate, under the existing operating conditions, the progress is slow. It may take several hours to several days to complete, so before CaSo₄·1/2H₂O is converted to CaSo₄, the concentrated brine is replaced and discharged. During the pretreatment of brackish water, the PH control method (acid method) has no effect on the scale inhibition of hard scale, and the cleaning cost for scale formation is quite expensive. However, the medicament method for hard scale is effective. For CaSO₄, the anti-scaling measures are mainly: temperature control method, concentration control method and medicament method. The above is the introduction of the editor on the control of brackish water desalination and scaling. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. Scaling will affect the use of brackish water desalination equipment, so we must do a good job of preventing scaling. If you have any questions, you can consult environmental protection at any time, and we will answer them wholeheartedly.
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