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How to deal with the solution to the failure of food processing ultrapure water equipment?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-05-06
How to deal with the solution to the failure of food processing ultrapure water equipment? Author: With frequent water pollution incidents, the food industry with the economic development and constantly updated, in today's rapidly changing industrial, food industry urgently modernized and now, food processing equipment common ultra-pure water equipment industry in the food industry. Avoid failures in the use of equipment. Today, the editor will introduce to you how to solve common failures of food processing ultrapure water equipment to facilitate the correct solution of the problems encountered in daily life. 1. The control system and valves are easily damaged. Because the equipment will produce some substances after long-term operation, frequent backwashing is required, but the valve of the ultrafiltration device is easily damaged. Therefore, it is necessary to replace higher quality products for valves that have been used more frequently. 2. It is easy to cause wire breakage. Because most of the ultrafiltration equipment materials use hollow fiber filaments, it is easy to break the filaments due to too much vibration of the membrane filaments during operation. Broken wires will cause changes in water quality in the future, with unimaginable consequences. Therefore, the exact location of the broken wire should be quickly determined and corresponding measures should be taken. For the treatment of broken filaments, generally find the damaged membrane filaments and block them. If the amount of broken filaments or blocked membrane filaments increases to more than 30%, new components need to be replaced. 3. Prone to fouling. During the operation of the ultrapure water system, membrane fouling is the biggest problem, and it is also the crux of the difficulty of large-scale application of ultrafiltration devices. The speed of fouling and the recovery rate after chemical cleaning determine whether ultrafiltration can be used. However, the choice of ultrafiltration can only be carried out through simulation experiments. Select the type and operation mode of the ultrafiltration membrane through experiments, and conduct experiments on its backwashing process, sterilization process and chemical cleaning process to find ways to slow down the flux decline of the ultrafiltration membrane, and predict the irreversible fouling. 4. Replacement of membrane module. The service life of the ultrafiltration membrane module in the ultrapure water system is determined by factors such as product quality and operating conditions. Generally speaking, the frequency of backwashing and chemical cleaning have a greater impact on the service life. It is currently believed that its service life can reach more than 5 years.
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