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How to debug the anti-aging agent RD production wastewater treatment after installation

by:Ocpuritech     2021-03-13
Antioxidant RD wastewater treatment how to debug author of the article after the installation: Any equipment needs proper commissioning after installation, commissioning good before they can be officially put into use, then the antioxidant RD wastewater treatment how to install the Debugging? The following will give you a detailed introduction: Antioxidant RD production wastewater treatment and maintenance rules: 1. Antioxidant RD production wastewater treatment and maintenance personnel must understand the plant's treatment process and equipment, equipment operation requirements and technical indicators. 2. Maintenance personnel must pass skill training and production practice, and pass the examination before they can take up their posts. 3. Maintenance personnel should understand the repair rules of electromechanical equipment. 4. Maintenance personnel should inspect the operation status of structures, equipment, electrical appliances and exteriors as required. 5. Maintenance personnel should insist on cleaning all kinds of machinery and equipment, and there is no leakage of water, oil or gas. 6. Maintenance personnel should check on time and add or replace lubricating oil or grease according to the requirements of different electromechanical equipment. 7. Starting equipment should be carried out after preparing for starting. 8. When the power supply voltage is greater than or less than 5% of the additional voltage, it is not suitable to start the motor. 9. When opening and closing electrical switches, maintenance personnel should follow the electrician's operating procedures. 10. It is necessary to cut off the power during the treatment and repair of various antioxidants RD production wastewater, and the repair sign should be hung at the switch before operation. 11. In rainy or icy weather, repair personnel should pay attention to non-slip when patrolling structures or maintaining equipment. 12. Maintenance personnel should wear complete labor protection supplies and do a good job of safety precautions. 13. The lifting equipment should be operated by a dedicated person. People are not allowed to stand under the hanging objects. 14. Protective life-saving equipment and supplies should be equipped at obvious locations of the structure. 15. Non-post personnel are prohibited from opening and closing the mechanical and electrical equipment of their posts. 16. In workshops with electrical equipment and flammable and explosive places, fire-fighting equipment should be installed in accordance with the relevant rules of the fire-fighting department.
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