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How to do a good job in the maintenance of purified water equipment?

by:Ocpuritech     2020-01-14
Pure water equipment is a water purification equipment integrating mixing, reaction, precipitation and filtration. It is widely used in chemical, medical, breeding, planting, food, beverage and other industries. For large water purification equipment such as pure water equipment, daily maintenance is very necessary. The following will give you a brief introduction to the maintenance of purified water equipment. 1. Regularly clean quartz sand and activated carbon filters to ensure timely removal of sediment and impurities in the preprocessor. The cleaning cycle is generally determined according to the water quality of the water source. If the water quality is good, it can be cleaned once a week. If the water quality is poor, it should be cleaned once every three days. 2, it is necessary to regularly clean the RO element, to avoid the adhesion of sediment on the surface of the reverse osmosis membrane, affecting the water permeability. 3. Regularly check the high-pressure pump and RO front pump, and replace lubricating oil in time. 4, regularly check the conductivity meter and the pressure gauge work. 5. When the equipment stops for a long time, 1% formaldehyde solution can be used to fill RO components, then all valves can be closed and checked regularly. If the machine stops for a long time in winter, glycerin can be added to prevent freezing of the device. Consumables commonly used in deionized water equipment for coating preparation-- Deionized water equipment and coating raw materials also contain calcium. Experiments prove that calcium in raw materials exists in the form of compounds insoluble in water and does not increase divalent ions free in water. Therefore, controlling the water quality of production water can greatly improve and enhance the storage stability and service performance of coatings. In fact, synthetic resin, an important raw material in coatings, is produced by deionized water, so in domestic coating production, it is very necessary to prepare deionized water with coating preparation and deionized water equipment. Consumables commonly used in deionized water equipment for coating preparation 1. Security filter element, specifications: outer diameter: 63 MM, inner diameter: 30 MM, length: 10-inch, 20-inch, 30-inch, 40-inch and other common specifications. 2. Activated Carbon: the specification is 10-24 mesh. The replacement time is about one year to one and a half years. 3, quartz sand: a variety of specifications, thickness, there are four specifications, according to the situation generally 2 years to three years to replace once, if there is a compressed air backwashing system, can be replaced for a longer time. 4. RO reverse osmosis membrane: it is usually replaced once every two years or so, depending on the water quality or whether it is equipped with a chemical cleaning system. 5. Chemical cleaning agents: provide manufacturers with matching chemical cleaning agents according to different membranes. 6. Scale Inhibitor: used for pretreatment of membrane. 7, ion exchange resin: mainly Yin and Yang resin, Rohm and Haas, float Wright, glory and so on. Polishing resins include 18M and 15M polishing mixed bed resins. 8. Softener resin: 001X7 model. 9. Industrial salt: used for regenerating resin. Aomi water purification equipment Manufacturing Co. , Ltd. specializes in the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, technical development and sales of supporting materials for water treatment equipment and industrial pure water equipment. The quality management system covers the whole process of research and development, design, production, sales, storage logistics and after-sales service of water treatment equipment from beginning to end. Timely sampling inspection, careful recording, finding problems and handling them according to regulations are the means for our team to implement the Enterprise Quality Management System and the premise for ensuring product quality.
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