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How to identify the quality of ultrapure water equipment

by:Ocpuritech     2021-05-04
How to identify the quality of the article of ultra-pure water equipment: At present, as the market is more and more widely ultra-pure water equipment, various manufacturers like mushroomed everywhere, however, with the increase in manufacturers, the problem also comes along with a lot of The quality of the equipment of the manufacturers is uneven, which has caused a certain amount of trouble for many purchasers.   Today, the editor of environmental protection will introduce to you how to distinguish the quality of ultra-pure water equipment. Raw materials First of all, we can see from the raw materials of ultra-pure water equipment. The racks are made of carbon steel and stainless steel. In order to save costs, many manufacturers use other materials, and even the thickness is not enough. The service life is greatly reduced. Although this type of equipment is very cheap, remember not to cause a lot of after-sales problems in the later period because of the greed for cheap.  Design structure  Many devices have no difference in terms of structure, but the design structure of some products is not very reasonable, which requires professional knowledge for identification.  Electric control system  The electrical control system is a very important part of ultra-pure water equipment. The electronic control system designed by the manufacturers with insufficient strength is not perfect, and problems often occur. If the electronic control system is imperfect, failures such as sudden exercise, short circuit, and equipment burnout will occur later.   The above is the environmental protection method to teach you how to identify the quality of ultrapure water equipment. If you don’t understand, please consult the environmental protection editor.
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