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How to judge whether lab ultrapure water equipment need to repair?

by:Ocpuritech     2020-05-30
Ultrapure water right use of laboratory equipment can make the equipment used for longer periods of time, the water will be more assured performance. But if in use process not according to the instructions to perform, not only affect the water quality of equipment, will also increase the difficulty of the equipment maintenance work, so how to judge whether lab ultrapure water equipment need maintenance? Specific performance is as follows: 1, the water rate decline under the normal pressure, if the equipment water rate decline, the water in the system is not in a state, then through the method without pressure washing clean air, if not clean air, is easy to produce & other; Water hammer & throughout; The phenomenon and damage the system components. Observation equipment during normal operation of production flow and working pressure, electrical conductivity, such as to determine whether the fouling, according to the production flow and strong water flow to judge whether water rate can reach the designed standard. 2, water inlet and strong period of differential pressure fluctuation if the device of pressure fluctuate between water and concentrated water, such as the phenomenon of rising or falling, that has been contaminated, should immediately to clean. 3, if the effluent water quality is cloudy, obviously is some components damage of equipment, should be immediately. After fouling if not wash immediately with chemicals, may cause the fouling of equipment is more and more serious. Lab ultrapure water equipment in the process of daily work, to guarantee equipment placed ventilation dryness and regular maintenance, to ensure normal operation of the equipment.
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