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How to maintain the pure water equipment?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-03-22
How to maintain the pure water equipment? Author: pure water equipment installation is completed and put into use pure water equipment necessary for routine maintenance, water equipment maintenance is divided into three parts: the maintenance of a total of pure water equipment is divided into three parts, namely pretreatment system maintenance , RO reverse osmosis membrane system maintenance and equipment use requirements. One: Maintenance of the pretreatment system:    1. Regular cleaning of accessories, such as quartz sand, activated carbon filters, etc., generally should be washed once every seven days. If the raw water is river water or well water, these accessories should be cleaned once every three days to prevent impurities Cause damage to the equipment.  2. If the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the security filter increases (>0.06Mpa), the filter element must be replaced to ensure the normal operation of the RO device. Recommendation: The filter element must be removed for inspection and cleaned every three days. The replacement cycle of the filter element depends on the quality of its influent water, and it is generally replaced every 15 days.   2. Maintenance of RO reverse osmosis system:    1. Periodically record various operating parameters of RO reverse osmosis membrane.  2. As the use time increases, there are some sediments on the surface of the reverse osmosis membrane. These sediments will affect the permeation effect of the reverse osmosis membrane and directly affect the quality of the effluent. Therefore, the reverse osmosis membrane needs to be cleaned and replaced regularly.  3: Regularly check the conductivity meter and the pressure gauges regularly to make them work normally and accurately.  4: Check the electrical control system regularly to ensure that the equipment is operating normally.  5: Regularly check the high-pressure pump and RO front pump regularly, and replace the lubricating oil in time according to the maintenance manual.  3: Matters needing attention when using pure water equipment.   1. Newly invested reverse osmosis equipment or new replacement membrane modules must be flushed at low pressure to drain the membrane protectant from the concentrated water and product water to prevent the protectant from flowing into the product water tank, and run and discharge the product water until the product water quality is qualified. 2. The normal operating temperature of reverse osmosis equipment is 5C-35C, the best temperature is 24℃-27℃, and the highest temperature is 35℃. When the inlet water temperature increases or decreases by one degree Celsius, the water production will increase or decrease by 2.7 -3.0%.  3. Once the reverse osmosis device is put into operation, it must run for at least 1 hour a day. On holidays, staff on duty should be arranged.  4. If the start-stop oscillation occurs when the machine is turned on, the reason is that the inlet pressure of the high-pressure pump is too low, the opening of the concentrated water may be too large, the pressure difference of the multi-media filter is too large, or the outlet pressure of the raw water pump is too low.   5. It is necessary to frequently compare the previous operating conditions (such as pressure, flow rate, desalination rate, water production temperature and other parameters, if there are obvious differences, analyze the reasons in time and deal with them in time).   6. The system should not be out of service for more than two days (especially in the summer high temperature season), and protective operation must be carried out when no water is used for a long time. Before the system needs to be shut down for a long time, the RO membrane must be passed into the protective liquid (0.1-1.0% formaldehyde solution can be used).  7. The operator regularly inspects the security filter element. It is recommended to replace the security filter element once a week within one month of the initial installation.
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