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How to make the boron removal ultrapure water equipment perform better at low temperature

by:Ocpuritech     2021-06-12
How to make a low temperature properties of boron in addition to ultra-pure water equipment to play a greater writer:? How to make ultra-pure water equipment reverse osmosis performance of boron in addition to more play it at a very low boron environment following the ultra-pure water equipment in addition to small series Let me introduce you. 1. Increase the temperature of the raw water. This is a simple and rude method. We know that water is easy to freeze and expand at low temperatures, causing potential threats such as rupture of the equipment. Then the temperature of the inlet water is increased. A direct method, common heating methods are: heating in the pipeline with a plate heat exchanger or heating at the pretreatment water tank with a steam coil. This method is often used when there is a heat source in the equipment installation area. 2. Make up for the lack of water produced by the system by increasing the operating pressure of the system. The water flux in the reverse osmosis membrane system depends on the size of the operating pressure, which is directly proportional. Therefore, the water production can be increased by increasing the operating pressure when the water temperature is low. You can choose to use variable frequency pumps to achieve a balance of output at different temperatures. The advantages of using variable frequency pumps: energy saving, increased system operation flexibility and system soft start. 3. Using low pressure (large flux) RO membrane elements often using the second method will inevitably increase the energy consumption of the system. We can also choose the third option, which is to use large flux low pressure reverse osmosis membrane elements to reduce the operating pressure of the system This can avoid long-term operation of the reverse osmosis system under ultra-high pressure or even ultimate pressure. It is worth noting that the design of the RO system should comprehensively consider the temperature range of the system operation. While taking full account of the low temperature factor, it should also pay attention to the changes in the system performance under high temperature conditions. For example, many systems will appear due to the increase of water temperature in summer. The membrane flux (system output) increases, and the salt rejection rate decreases.
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