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How to manage the daily safety of small and medium integrated sewage equipment?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-06-26
How to manage the daily safety of small and medium integrated sewage equipment? Author: With the economic and social development, national requirements for environmental protection industry is increasing. In order to improve production efficiency and quality, sewage treatment plants have continuously improved their mechanization and automation. The safety and normal operation of the equipment are critical to achieving a good treatment effect in the sewage treatment plant. So how to safely manage small and medium-sized integrated sewage equipment? 1. It is necessary to clarify the responsibilities of equipment management staff, and require them to formulate annual maintenance plans and purchase plans for spare parts, etc., and prepare complete equipment management and maintenance plans to control the equipment To conduct unified management of purchase, allocation, and scrapping of equipment, and at the same time be responsible for formulating equipment renewal and transformation technical plans, actively participating in equipment commissioning and inspection, and timely analysis and handling of equipment accidents. The job responsibilities of the operating personnel should be clearly defined. All staff are required to strictly abide by the post responsibility system, use equipment reasonably in accordance with equipment operating procedures, and earnestly abide by the shifting and inspection systems. At the same time, operating staff are also required to formulate corresponding equipment scheduling procedures based on equipment operating conditions. 2. Do a good job of technical training for equipment maintenance and management personnel. The key equipment of the sewage treatment plant should be arranged for professional training of the after-sales service personnel of the equipment manufacturer, especially the technical requirements and key points of daily maintenance and the judgment and elimination of basic faults. The daily basic maintenance and maintenance of the sewage treatment plant equipment is serious for the equipment. The fault should be notified to the equipment supplier's professional after-sales personnel in time to solve the problem. 3. The installation and operation manuals, certificates and commissioning materials of various equipment should be filed and organized, and special personnel should be arranged for storage and custody. Equipment operators are required to do a good job of checking and recording the operating status of the equipment. The specific records mainly include the startup time of the equipment, operating conditions and faults, etc., and the troubleshooting methods, maintenance methods, processing time and specific conditions of the replacement of the equipment. All records are archived to ensure the integrity of equipment files and improve the efficiency of file management. The above is an introduction to the safety management of small and medium integrated sewage equipment. Only by starting from the status quo of operation and management of small and medium integrated sewage equipment, and finding the maintenance skills of small and medium integrated sewage equipment, can we increase the importance of equipment management and maintenance. Let small and medium integrated sewage equipment better serve our lives.
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