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How to prevent the failure and maintenance of medium-sized sewage treatment equipment?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-05-03
How to prevent the failure and maintenance of medium-sized sewage treatment equipment? Author of the article: In recent years, economic development, there are many medium-sized industrial, medium-sized sewage treatment equipment is now becoming more popular, although such large equipment more reliable quality, before using the medium-sized sewage treatment equipment, which should pay attention to small details, many The user did not notice this problem. In fact, any small details may have an impact on future use. These problems have been ignored by us. The following describes the maintenance work of medium-sized sewage treatment equipment before use. 1. The equipment, spare parts, and safety protection devices are complete, various signs and nameplates must be complete and clear, and pipelines and pipelines must be installed neatly, safe and reliable. 2. There is no oil, dirt, rust and debris inside and outside the cleaning equipment. 3. Refuel on time, according to the quality, according to the amount of refueling and oil change, keep the oil traces obvious; the fuel tank, oil storage, cooling tank should be clean and free of iron filings and other debris. Oil tank, gun, oil cup, oil nozzle are complete, and oil felt and oil pipe are cleaned. 4. Safely implement an appointment and strict shift system, carefully maintain the equipment, use the equipment reasonably, strictly abide by the operating procedures, be familiar with the equipment structure and operating characteristics, monitor and pay attention to abnormal conditions to ensure safety. 5. Before starting the sewage treatment, check the circuit, whether the circuit control cabinet is correct, and whether the voltage and current meet the requirements. When the water pump is started, check whether there is leakage, suction, and blockage in the pump. 6. The pump adopts anti-clogging and tearing sewage pump. When the liquid level changes from low to high to the working water level, start the working pump. If the liquid level rises to a lower level, turn off the working pump, start the fan to check whether the direction of rotation is correct, and do not reverse. 7. When there is less sewage in the regulating tank, the liquid level is lower than the starting level of the pump, and the pump stops working. At this time, in order to make the biofilm in the sewage treatment equipment grow normally, the fan is started with a gap, starts for 30 minutes, and stops for 2 hours of automatic operation. 8. Sludge control in sedimentation tank, solenoid valve air lift or sludge pump to lift sludge discharge, the sludge discharge cycle is 8 hours, and the sludge discharge time is 8 minutes. 9. The fan and the water pump operate alternately and automatically, and the switching time is 4 hours alternately. 10. The integrated sewage treatment equipment control center manually controls the submersible sewage pump, fan, etc. to be turned off according to the design layout of the work flow through the panel button switch. However, it cannot be ruled out that incorrect man-made operations cause the failure of medium-sized sewage treatment equipment. Because of the complex structure of sewage treatment equipment, when the equipment fails, in order to better repair these faults, the failure treatment of medium-sized sewage treatment equipment generally adopts a hierarchical treatment method. The following briefly tells you how to deal with the failure of sewage treatment equipment. When there are relatively simple problems in the medium-sized sewage treatment equipment, there is no need to disassemble and overhaul, and the team personnel can recover from the faults on site, such as the deviation of the dehydrator, the oil temperature of the blower is too low, and the automatic flocculation device alarms when the material level is too low. When this kind of failure occurs, the central control team leader will take the command and confirm that the maintenance operation will not affect the entire process flow. The personnel in this position should also be the main personnel, and other personnel should assist in completing the maintenance. When the medium-sized sewage treatment equipment fails and needs to be disassembled and repaired, parts are simply replaced, or the position needs to be adjusted as a whole, such as the overall replacement of the water pump, the replacement of electrical parts and the hand valve, the maintenance personnel need to report the failure to the operation supervisor, and the operator The supervisor organizes the replacement or maintenance of the team or maintenance personnel. If the on-duty personnel cannot complete the shift, the entire process and the remaining problems must be handed over clearly. When the medium-sized sewage treatment equipment fails and the team personnel cannot complete the maintenance, the supplier or related professionals need to perform the maintenance, and it needs to be reported to the operation supervisor in time, and the supervisor will contact and coordinate. Here is an introduction to the graded treatment method used when the medium-sized sewage treatment equipment fails. When the user encounters the equipment failure when using the medium-sized sewage treatment equipment, he can perform maintenance according to the above operations. The classification of fault handling levels for medium-sized sewage treatment equipment can improve equipment utilization and work efficiency. If you encounter any problems when using medium-sized sewage treatment equipment, you can consult environmental protection at any time.
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