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How to properly maintain small industrial boiler water softening equipment during use?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-04-26
How to properly care for during the industrial boiler water softening equipment using a small writer:? Many people who purchased a small industrial boiler water softening equipment maintenance for how to do this work do not quite understand, I do not know how the standard of maintenance is to For the real protection of equipment, today's environmental protection editor summarizes some standard maintenance methods for your reference. Daily maintenance plays an important role in prolonging the service life of equipment, improving equipment operation efficiency, and strengthening the water production effect of equipment. The daily maintenance of small industrial boiler softening water equipment mainly lies in the front flushing and back flushing of the preprocessor, and the cleaning of reverse osmosis membranes Regeneration cleaning of softened resin and mixed bed column, daily shutdown protection of reverse osmosis host: 1. Quartz sand and activated carbon filter determine the cleaning cycle according to the water quality of the raw water: the raw water is tap water and generally washed once a week (calculated as 7 days), and the raw water is groundwater. When the water quality of river water and well water is poor, it is generally washed once every three days to ensure that the sediment, impurities, and particles deposited in the pre-processor are removed in time. 2. If the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the security filter increases (>0.06Mpa), the filter element must be replaced to ensure the normal operation of the RO device. Recommendation: The filter element must be removed for inspection and cleaned every three days. The replacement cycle of the filter element depends on the quality of the inlet water, and it is generally replaced every 15 days. 3. The softened resin tank should avoid high temperature exposure, and regenerate the resin with regeneration liquid every 15 days. 4. Cleaning and maintenance of reverse osmosis host (1) Purpose of cleaning: to restore the good water permeability and salt removal ability of the semi-permeable membrane, protect the performance of the membrane, and prolong the service life of the membrane. (2) Cleaning conditions: (under the same original water) the standard water permeability decreased by 10%-15%, the standard system pressure difference increased by 10%-15%, the desalination rate decreased by 1%-2% (3), the cleaning method: A , Online cleaning; B, offline cleaning. The so-called online cleaning refers to the use of cleaning equipment to clean the membrane elements in the entire RO system. The so-called offline cleaning is to take out each membrane and clean it separately. The advantages of on-line cleaning are simple operation and short time, but the disadvantage is that the cleaning is not thorough. The advantage of off-line cleaning is thorough cleaning, but the disadvantage is that it takes a long time and is complicated to operate. The manufacturer can decide which cleaning method to use according to the actual situation. The above is a detailed introduction to the maintenance work during the trial period of the small industrial boiler water softening equipment. We also introduced the operation method of the small industrial boiler water softening equipment outage protection in another article. If you are interested, you can pay attention to it.
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