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How to quickly accurate operation steps of pure water desalination equipment?

by:Ocpuritech     2020-07-24
How to quickly accurate operation steps of pure water desalination equipment? The current industrial development is rapid, but lack is more serious. Now hate more coastal areas can choose water using, water salinity is high. You can choose pure water desalination equipment to deal with the water of the sea, processed into can let everybody use fresh water. The emergence of pure water equipment, desalination solve many problems with water. In order to provide the equipment efficiency, let we introduce how to correct operation water desalination equipment. 1, installation and debugging personnel must first open the inlet valve and outlet valve, boot device numerical, the water and the water of the sea from regulating tank start to pure water desalination equipment. 2, pure water desalination equipment use and debugging, for the first time when the water level up to half the height of the equipment stop water pump, fan inlet valve and open the slowly open the fan outlet valve, oxygen aeration 48 hours in the pool, add water to the three quarters of the device, and then charging for 24 hours. 3, to observe the microbial growth of water until the biofilm growth, water can continue to transport to the device, the water should be gradually increased to design the amount of water. 4, to observe the growth of microorganisms in water on a regular basis, found to control abnormal timely, adjust the water. 5, to observe the second pond water flow state, the collection of water must be uniform. 6, pure water desalination equipment according to the need to add disinfector in disinfection of water tank, through the disinfectant dosing tank, the water to dissolve drugs part, purpose of disinfection. 7, pure water desalination equipment debugging, during normal operation system into automatic running state, the water pump and fan switch to run automatically. 8, do not regularly check water quality, to ensure normal operation of pure water desalination equipment.
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