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How to reduce failure methods when using medical integrated sewage treatment equipment?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-05-27
How to reduce failure methods when using medical integrated sewage treatment equipment? Author: We all know that the hospital is an indispensable presence in life, people are uncomfortable when a Toutengnaore appear, it will be rushed to the hospital to check, so the hospital will be very high requirements for clean environment. The understanding of environmental protection is that the hospital environment is polluted, and the fundamental reason is sewage treatment. Therefore, a suitable medical wastewater treatment equipment must be selected for treatment. It should be known that in addition to general domestic sewage, there are some toxic components such as chemical substances and radioactivity in hospital sewage that directly endanger people's health. Therefore, the sewage discharged by various departments needs to be sterilized and disinfected strictly to ensure that no harmful substances are generated. The integrated sewage treatment equipment used in special treatment hospitals can treat sewage well. When selecting hospital integrated sewage treatment equipment, it should be focused on whether it contains the following salient features, that is, whether it is buried below the ground surface without occupying space; whether it is fully automatic control and does not require personnel management; whether it is simple in operation ; Whether the craft is new and the effect is good, the key is to see whether it is durable. In fact, the operation of integrated medical sewage treatment equipment is the same. You can listen to see if the steps are: first filter out large particles in the sewage, and this process is mainly carried out through the grille. As we all know, there is a lot of sewage in hospitals, and ward water and equipment are disinfected. This is the water source that must be treated, otherwise it will pollute the entire hospital. It is also because of this situation that the use of hospital sewage treatment equipment is very popular. However, do not pay attention. It is not uncommon for the equipment to be blocked by the method of use. So, how do we avoid the equipment from being blocked? Most hospital sewage is serious pollutants and impurities, which are not conducive to decomposition and dissolution, and it is easy to cause the equipment to be blocked and cannot continue. use. To this end, the simple way to deal with them is to regularly unblock and inspect them to avoid blockage of the processing equipment. In summary, if we want to avoid the blockage of medical integrated sewage treatment equipment, we must carry out unblocked inspections. What should we do? 1. The medical integrated sewage treatment equipment requires materials with strong stress during installation. Generally, concrete foundation is used, and the medical integrated sewage treatment equipment needs good ventilation effect. Therefore, when the ventilation effect is taken into account during installation, it can be better treated with better treatment effect in the future. 2. When the medical integrated sewage treatment equipment is in the control system, it should not be in the same place with the equipment. Because of the emission of oxidized substances, it will corrode the circuit of the control system. We need to take certain anti-corrosion measures for the circuit of the temperature control system. 3. Ensure that the medical integrated sewage treatment equipment is ventilated at any time, and the valve installation generally adopts the vertical installation method, and the interface needs very good airtightness. We must pay attention to daily maintenance while using the equipment reasonably, so as to extend the service life of the equipment and bring more convenience to the enterprise.
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