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How to reverse osmosis RO pure water equipment, reverse osmosis membrane cleaning?

by:Ocpuritech     2020-05-13
With modern water pollution is serious, a lot of enterprises in order to improve the quality of production, are chosen RO (reverse osmosis pure water equipment to ensure the water quality standards. RO (reverse osmosis pure water equipment can effectively remove the water to dissolve dissolved inorganic salt, organic matter, particle material harmful ingredients, such as water desalination for ultrapure water. For the realization of the RO (reverse osmosis pure water equipment better work efficiency, must pay attention to equipment maintenance, including cleaning is an important process of reverse osmosis membrane, specific cleaning process is as follows: 1, first clean cabinet, put the detergent into the cabinet, mixed with products of reverse osmosis water to appropriate concentration. 2, you then need to detect the PH of the cleaning fluid, the range is 2. 0 - 3. 5 between moderate, if not suitable for proper adjustment. 3, in the operation of the water treatment equipment, read product reverse osmosis water and concentrated water PH value, make the corresponding record. 4, after close the RO (reverse osmosis pure water equipment, the cleaning system is connected to the inlet of reverse osmosis system. 5, the water will RO (reverse osmosis pure water equipment products to connect to the cleaning system, form a circle, put the condensed water discharge pipe in suitable discharge points. 6, open the cleaning device for cleaning, until the membrane element thoroughly cleaned. Finally, product water to wash with RO (reverse osmosis pure water equipment, until the cleaning fluid discharge clean thoroughly.
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