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How to store the integrated domestic sewage equipment before installation?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-03-28
How to store the integrated domestic sewage equipment before installation? Author: domestic sewage not only pollutes our environment, but also harmful to our health, and life sewage integration equipment can effectively deal with domestic sewage generated in the sewage discharge standards. The scale of integrated domestic sewage equipment is large and it is widely used. The pressure swing adsorption oxygen production is the use of the adsorption characteristics of molecular sieve, adopts the cycle of pressure adsorption and decompression desorption, so that compressed air alternately enters two adsorption towers to achieve air separation, thereby continuously producing high-purity oxygen . The main components of on-site oxygen production equipment. Air compressor, air buffer tank, compressed air pretreatment system of integrated equipment for domestic sewage, pressure swing adsorption oxygen generator, oxygen buffer tank, instrumentation and control system. In many places, after purchasing the integrated domestic sewage equipment, for some reasons, it was not put into use immediately. This involves a problem of equipment storage. Then how to store the integrated domestic sewage equipment before installation? 1. Pay attention to the environment. To keep the integrated domestic sewage equipment well, it needs to be combined with the environment in which the equipment is located. There should be no substances or objects that are unfavorable to the integrated domestic sewage equipment, and no flammable or fragile objects should be placed next to the equipment. , Because these items are in contact with the equipment, it will definitely affect the quality of the equipment, ranging from scratches to severe damage and destruction. 2. Pay attention to the temperature. Based on scientific evidence, if the domestic sewage treatment equipment is stored in a high temperature environment for a long time, it will be burnt. Therefore, when storing this kind of equipment, it must be kept away from high temperature environment. If it can be placed in a cool and shaded place, it is the best choice. Of course, maintenance and inspection should not be neglected during storage, and corresponding cleaning should also be done. 3. Pay attention to safety. Sewage treatment equipment is often accompanied by a series of small functional components. The installation of the equipment often requires the help of heavy lifting machinery. Unsafe factors increase during installation. Bumps and bumps often damage the age of the sewage treatment equipment. It should also be stored during storage. Be careful not to put it in a particularly damp place of the warehouse, do not pile up debris, check and clean regularly to avoid blockage during installation and water testing. The above is the introduction of how to store the integrated domestic sewage equipment before installation. The integrated domestic sewage equipment brings convenience to everyone’s lives. The sewage in the life will be discharged after the equipment is treated, so that it will be reduced. The pollution of life enhances the protection of the environment. In addition, after sewage treatment, the green environment around us will be more beautiful, and the air quality will be improved to a certain extent. Sewage treatment is of great significance to protecting the environment.
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