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How to transform and upgrade automatic seawater desalination equipment?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-06-04
How to transform and upgrade automatic seawater desalination equipment? Author: automatic desalination equipment after prolonged use, the device has begun old, compared with the new automatic desalination equipment can no longer meet current needs, then it can be fully automatic desalination equipment Upgrade to meet the needs of use, then how to upgrade the automatic desalination equipment? 1. Output increase Output increase is to upgrade the final water production of the whole set of equipment. This situation is more suitable for the increase in the output of the company's products, the increase in water demand is not high, and the water consumption can remain unchanged for a long time. The improvement of water production requires a detailed analysis of the parameters of each component of the original equipment to grasp the improvement space and possibility of each component. For example, whether the existing treatment capacity of the pretreatment part can meet the requirements of the final water production increase, whether the existing membrane quantity meets the requirements, whether the pipe diameter and the system pressure are appropriate, etc. 2. Water quality improvement The water quality improvement is an equipment upgrade and transformation to improve the final water quality of the whole set of equipment to meet higher usage requirements. This is suitable for situations where companies have higher requirements for product quality, and thus higher requirements for process water quality. 3. Control system upgrade Some old equipment adopts manual control or semi-automatic control, which not only increases the management cost, but also poses a greater risk to the instability of the final product water quality. The control system upgrade will upgrade the manual control or semi-automatic control to fully automatic control, adopting PLC and various automatic instruments, the system integration is high, the control is accurate, the interface is beautiful, and the operation is simple and convenient. Through the upgrade and transformation, the performance of the equipment can meet the current needs of use, and it can also save the company the cost of purchasing new equipment. If you want to know more questions, you can consult the environmental protection company at any time, and we will be happy to answer you.
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