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How to use integrated glass fiber reinforced plastic sewage treatment equipment in Guangdong

by:Ocpuritech     2021-05-16
In the integrated use of Guangdong FRP sewage treatment equipment author of the article: current treatment is not due to a variety of industrial wastewater is discharged, sewage serious impact on our living environment, the country now requires a certain wastewater discharge requirements, so all kinds on the market The same type of sewage treatment equipment, the integrated glass fiber reinforced plastic sewage treatment equipment is one of them, let us take a look at environmental protection.  We are now beginning to pay attention to environmental protection. Water pollution and water shortages have intensified. Now we are also reducing pollution in various ways. Sewage treatment equipment can be an effective way to solve water pollution and increase the rate of sewage reuse. In the sewage treatment equipment market, there are many excellent processing equipment, and glass fiber reinforced plastic integrated wastewater treatment equipment is one of the excellent equipment.   Integrated glass fiber reinforced plastic sewage treatment equipment is relatively advanced sewage treatment equipment, this equipment adopts the world's advanced biological treatment process, BOD5 removal, one of COD and NH3-N, is a more effective sewage treatment equipment. Integrated glass fiber reinforced plastic sewage treatment.   treatment equipment is widely used in sewage treatment in high-end hotels, villas, and residential areas. The removal rate of replacement is very low, and the treated water cannot meet the national discharge standards for integrated septic tanks. The field application shows that the integrated sewage treatment equipment is an ideal and convenient management equipment. The removal of organic pollutants and ammonia nitrogen in FRP integrated sewage treatment equipment mainly depends on the AO biological treatment process of the equipment. In this type of work, due to the high concentration of organic sewage gas, the microorganisms are facultative microorganisms. They decompose organic wastewater in NH3-N ammonia and use organic carbon as an electron donor. There will be no ˉ2 N and no ˉ3 nitrogen conversion. It is used as part of N2, organic carbon source and NH3-N to synthesize new cell materials. Therefore, the first-level pool not only has certain biological functions, but also reduces the organic load of the subsequent aerobic pool. It is aimed at nitrification and relies on the high concentration of organic matter in the raw water to complete the existence of nitrogen removal and eventually eliminate nitrogen eutrophication pollution. At the O level, there is still a certain amount of organic matter, due to the significant reduction of ammonia nitrogen in the higher concentration of organic matter. In order to further oxidize and decompose organic matter, and at the same time, it can proceed smoothly under the condition of complete nitrification and carbonation, a low organic load of aerobic biological contact oxidation tank is set at O u200bu200blevel.  In o-stage, there are mainly aerobic microorganisms and bacterial oxygen types. Aerobic microorganisms decompose organic matter into CO2 and H2O. Autotrophic bacteria use inorganic carbon from organic matter in the air as nutrients or NH 3 -N produced by the decomposition of CO2. The transformed sewage flows into ˉ2 N, Nˉ Part 3, O pool The water returns to a swimming pool in the class to provide electron acceptors with a first-level pool, which will eventually eliminate nitrogen pollution through denitrification. The above is the relevant content introduced by the editor in detail, I hope it will be helpful to you. If you still have questions you don’t understand, you can call to consult the environmental protection integrated sewage treatment equipment company to answer in detail for you.
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