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Industrial water desalination equipment technology principle and main characteristics

by:Ocpuritech     2020-06-13
Industrial equipment consists of pre-treatment system, reverse osmosis desalination system, electric control system, cleaning system, dosing system. Industrial water desalination equipment technical principle is as follows: pretreatment system, including storage tank, the water pump, security filter, mechanical filter, mainly dealing with the larger particles of impurities contained in the raw water, residual chlorine and fine particles, and guarantee the water quality of reverse osmosis system. Reverse osmosis system consists of high pressure pump, reverse osmosis membrane components, pressure regulating valve, tank cleaning, main pretreatment of raw water further treatment into fresh water. The original water pump will water the water pressure in the cabinet to ascend into preprocessing system, through chemical dosing system after adding the fungicide and flocculating agent into the mechanical filter. Water after pretreatment system into the high pressure pump, under the effect of high pressure pump, through high desalination rate volume type membrane, increase pressure by controlling the pressure regulating valve, make the parts of the sea water through the porous membrane into the collection tube, through the hose out equipment, while salt is blocked on the membrane surface with most of the water discharge devices. Water after the water quality after filtration reduction, after PH adjustment and scale inhibitors added into 5 um security filtering system, filtered water all the way into the high-pressure pump pressure of low pressure, the other all the way into the switching pressure energy recovery device, after booster after booster pump pressurized water mixed with high-pressure pump water into the reverse osmosis membrane reactor system. High pressure water from the processing of the film in the next section through the membrane to form fresh water, after adjusting for water into fresh water storage tank. The rest of the high pressure condensed water recycling energy into pressure energy recovery device exchange after discharge. Equipment in the process of operating, consumes a significant amount of fresh water every day, to meet the needs of power plant operation and crew living water. Industry needed fresh water, is available from the port of departure carry water tank, but to do so is bound to occupy a certain space, affect the tonnage, and once the shipping situation changes, with the fresh water not only in quantity but also in terms of quality, it is often difficult to meet demand, especially in the course longer ocean industries, special industry for a longer time, water mobility is very necessary. Using industrial equipment to produce fresh water desalination can at any time to get fresh, qualified, plenty of freshwater, performance and economic benefit, so the modern ocean industries are installed desalination device, used to say generator. Sea water distillation method are many, such as distillation, reverse osmosis, because the industrial water desalination device has simple operation, convenient installation, low cost advantage, have been used by most of the industrial installation.
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