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Industrial water purification equipment startup should notice what?

by:Ocpuritech     2020-06-13
With economic growth, and constantly improve the quality of the water, will use pure water everywhere, so you need to use industrial water purification equipment, if use improper when starting, so water will also be affected. Must first check industrial water purification equipment circuit, the voltage and current whether conform to the requirements of the equipment, wiring is in accordance with the requirements of control cabinet, control cabinet is also needs to control the fan and diving sewage pump. At the same time also has the automatic alarm function. When a device fails, it can realize automatic alarm. At the same time, also check for leaks water pumps and suction phenomenon, in order to understand the water pump line is usually not blocked. If the water flow is small, when required by the liquid level is lower than the water pump, the pump will stop running automatically. At this point, in order to make the industry remained active reverse osmosis membrane water purification equipment, need to intermittent start fan, running about half an hour, suspended for two hours. In order to control the amount of mud equipment, usually set equipment manual mud. Fan or pump can be used interchangeably control, set a time for 24 hours. Can help to reduce the workload of people, easy to achieve the effect of water treatment. Industrial water purification equipment is usually made of stainless steel, carbon steel and polyethylene. First is based on hierarchical processing equipment, to achieve industry standards. Industrial water purification equipment, its biggest advantage is can adopt the way of embedded safety when installation. The device has many advantages, usually equipped with automatic electric control system and alarm forecasting system, make the equipment operation more safe and reliable. Generally speaking, it doesn't need a professional to observe or operation. When using, need to maintenance equipment. 2 it is more convenient to install, use the overall modelling. In the installation process, the whole process can be transferred to the manufacturer. Only need to install the final examination. At the same time, due to the high technology of processing technology, oxidation degree in the microbial, therefore the final sludge production is relatively small. By the calculation, usually once every three months to discharge the sludge, and run when the noise is small, avoid secondary pollution.
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