Installation and commissioning and process requirements of industrial integrated sewage treatment eq

Installation and commissioning and process requirements of industrial integrated sewage treatment equipment before use?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-04-23
Installation and commissioning and process requirements of industrial integrated sewage treatment equipment before use? Author: Before we use in industry integrated wastewater treatment equipment, will first industrial integrated wastewater treatment equipment installation and commissioning, in order to adjust the equipment to the best state, enable the device to work properly, then the use of industrial What installation and debugging should be carried out before the integrated sewage treatment equipment. 1. Single machine trial operation. Including the stand-alone operation of various equipment after installation and the water test of each treatment unit structure. The sewage treatment equipment shall be tested under the conditions of no water inflow and water inflow. At the same time, it shall be checked whether the water level of the hydraulic structure meets the design requirements. . 2. Secondly, when we inspect the equipment, we also need to enter the wastewater to be treated for each treatment unit at all levels to check the treatment effect of each treatment unit or make preparations before formal operation. 3. At the same time, the user also needs to carry out the clean water linkage trial operation of the design water volume of the entire process system to get through the process flow. Inspect the operation of the equipment under the flow of clear water, and check whether some automatic control instruments and the pipes and valves connecting each process unit meet the design requirements. 4. The wastewater linkage test run of the whole process flow until the effluent water quality reaches the standard. At this stage, the stability of the operation of the sewage treatment equipment is further tested, and the linkage of the automatic control system is realized at the same time. The selection of industrial integrated sewage treatment process is affected by many factors such as treatment scale, water quality characteristics, discharge method and water quality. Different sewage treatment processes have different treatment effects. The following environmental protection editor will specifically introduce industrial integration. What factors should be considered in the selection of chemical wastewater treatment process. 1. Sewage treatment process selection should determine the effluent water quality requirements: and determine the treatment level based on this. The cities, key river basins and water resources protection areas must build secondary sewage treatment facilities; When the receiving water body is a closed or semi-closed water body, in order to prevent eutrophication, the urban sewage should be treated with secondary intensive treatment to enhance the effect of phosphorus and nitrogen removal; for the establishment of towns in non-key river basins and non-water source protection areas, according to the local economy Conditions and water pollution control requirements, the first level of enhanced treatment can be implemented first, and the second level of treatment can be realized in stages. 2. Technical factors to be considered for process selection. Treatment scale: Influent water quality characteristics, focusing on organic matter load, nitrogen and phosphorus content, effluent water quality requirements, focusing on nitrogen and phosphorus requirements and recycling requirements; removal rate of various pollutants . For natural conditions such as climate, stable operation under low temperature conditions and the characteristics and uses of mud should be considered in northern areas. 3. Technical and economic factors that should be considered in the selection of process flow: approved floor space, land acquisition price. Infrastructure investment, operating costs. The level of automation, ease of operation, local operation and management capabilities. 4. The principle of process selection ensures that the quality of the effluent meets the requirements: the treatment effect is stable, the technology is mature and reliable, and advanced and applicable; Reduce infrastructure investment and operating costs, and save power consumption. Reduced floor space, convenient operation and management, flexible operation, the sludge needs to be stable, adapt to the specific local conditions, and new sewage treatment technologies can be actively and steadily selected. The above is the editor’s introduction to the installation and commissioning of the industrial integrated sewage treatment equipment. I hope it will be helpful to your use. While using the industrial integrated sewage treatment equipment, we must also do a good job in the maintenance of the equipment. Maintenance work, so that we can better let the equipment work for us, so the maintenance of industrial integrated sewage treatment equipment is very important for the use of equipment.
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