Installation procedure for the inclined pipe of the wastewater pond of aquaculture sewage treatment

Installation procedure for the inclined pipe of the wastewater pond of aquaculture sewage treatment equipment

by:Ocpuritech     2021-06-01
Setup wastewater pond farming inclined tube sewage treatment equipment Author: important breeding sewage plant comes from feces, urine and wash water. In addition, due to the high content of purification substances in the aquaculture wastewater, it must be processed by the aquaculture wastewater treatment equipment to meet the national environmental protection requirements. The aquaculture wastewater contains a large amount of organic matter, and it is appropriate to use aerobic bacteria to differentiate the BOD and COD in the wastewater, and then pass the response. The pool ceased biochemical reaction, and was brought out of the water after being sufficiently mixed with steam bubbles in the shallow air flotation machine. 1. Installation of the sludge discharge pipe at the bottom of the sedimentation tank. The installation sequence of the inclined pipe sedimentation tank generally starts from the bottom. First, complete the installation of the bottom sludge piping system to ensure that the opening of the sludge pipe meets the design requirements and is firmly fixed. Allow to enter the next installation process. 2. Complete the installation of the filler bracket. According to the installation drawing of the filler bracket of the inclined pipe sedimentation tank, first install the filler bracket in place, check that all welding joints are firm, the bracket strength is sufficient to bear the weight of the filler, and complete the anti-corrosion treatment on the surface of the bracket; 3. Complete the inclined pipe Tube filler scalding according to the slanting tube filler scalping method, each slanting tube filler is packaged as a separate scorching unit, one unit is 1m2 after the scalding is completed, and it is neatly stacked on the field after the scalding is completed (a small amount of loose pieces are reserved spare). 4. Assemble in the inclined tube packing tank. Assemble the packed packing unit from left to right on the upper part of the packing bracket. Keep the 60° angle (can be customized), and each unit should be properly compressed when assembled in sequence. If the size is not right when assembled to the right side, it needs to be assembled with scattered piece diagonal tube filler according to the size. All in place. 5. Fixing the upper part of the inclined tube packing. Since the specific gravity of the inclined tube packing is 0.92 slightly less than that of water, after the inclined tube packing is assembled in place in the pool, 10mm round steel needs to be pulled from left to right above the packing for reinforcement (the upper part of each unit packing is required There are two round steels passing through), both ends of the round steel are reliably fixed on the wall of the sedimentation tank. After the installation of the round steel, it can well prevent the inclined tube packing from loosening and floating during the initial use. The round steel is made of epoxy Coal tar anticorrosion. 6. Operation and debugging of the inclined pipe sedimentation tank (1) Check whether the water inflow is uniform, and shall not cause impact on the sedimentation tank and affect the sedimentation effect; (2) Adjust the height and level of the water outlet weir to the appropriate level to maintain uniform water flow; (3) ). After the above construction process, the installation of the filler of the inclined pipe sedimentation tank has been completed. After normal operation, the sludge discharge cycle needs to be determined according to the concentration of suspended solids in the influent water, and attention should be paid to timely sludge discharge to ensure that the inclined tube sedimentation tank always maintains good operating conditions and satisfactory effluent water quality.
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