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Integration of pure water equipment manufacturer parsing common pollutant control method

by:Ocpuritech     2020-06-18
1, microbial control. Can be continuous or intermittent non oxidizing and has no effect on the membrane of fungicide, to reverse osmosis system can effectively control and kill the growth of microorganisms, and then through the thick water will be out of the system. 2, chemical pollution. Chemical pollution is some of the material and the water membrane surface chemical reaction happens, that cause the deposition, precipitation and membrane surface's unconventional aging, cause the membrane surface or make the performance variation of membrane pollution. Often see things are: pretreatment of flocculant improper selection, runtime improper selection of scale inhibitors, chemicals when cleaning cleaning improper selection, pretreatment control is not strict, led to harmful substances into the water into the membrane ( Such as: residual chlorine of excessive lead to the oxidation of active layer at the membrane surface) 。 Chemical pollution treatment is mainly from the improvement of the pretreatment system and the rise of the technical level of the operating personnel to prevent, pollution once produce hard or difficult to resume the performance of the membrane. 3, colloid, particle deposition. Colloidal and particulate matter pollution is relatively common pollution reverse osmosis system. Water abundant loam, colloidal silicon, metal oxide and organic matter particles, such as the pretreatment of reverse osmosis pure water equipment system integration can be the source water pollution control in some degree, does not cause certain effects on the system short-term running. But due to the system for a long period of time running pretreatment processing effect is not ideal, pretreatment backwash not thorough, the operator's daily operation is not in place, can cause the system colloid, particulate pollution. Colloid pollution in order to prevent reverse osmosis system, we require water SDI value is less than 5 ( It is best to less than 3) So that is conducive to long-term safe operation of the system.
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