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Introduction of Process Design Technology of Sewage Treatment Equipment in Chicken Farm

by:Ocpuritech     2021-06-01
Farm equipment sewage treatment process design technology introduced author of the article: With economic development, cities are now breeding industry has developed rapidly, a lot of the development of aquaculture is accompanied by a large amount of sewage produced water are complicated, serious impact on the living environment . For the sake of the environment, a large number of sewage treatment equipment for chicken farms have appeared in the market. Let's understand the process design principles of sewage treatment equipment for chicken farms. Process design principles of sewage treatment equipment for chicken farms: 1. According to the requirements of influent water quantity, water quality characteristics and effluent discharge standards, adopt domestic and foreign mature, advanced, efficient, practical, economical and reasonable treatment processes to ensure that the effluent meets the standards. 2. Comprehensive planning, reasonable construction, to a large extent reduce the investment in reconstruction, and better display the investment benefits. 3. In view of the characteristics and treatment requirements of the water quality and quantity of the treated wastewater, we strive to achieve the selected process to be an advanced treatment process, with a small footprint and strong applicability, saving investment and reducing operation and management costs. 4. Carry out the overall design and unit structure design according to the principles of mature technology, reasonable economy, convenient operation and simple maintenance, and pay full attention to energy saving, and strive to reduce power consumption to save energy, reduce processing costs and operating costs. At the same time, the process design fully considers the requirements for stable operation of the sewage treatment system under unfavorable factors such as low temperature in winter. 5. Full consideration of environmental issues in the design, novel and beautiful design, reasonable layout, and try to take measures to reduce the impact on the surrounding environment, reasonable control of noise, odor and solid waste, to prevent secondary pollution. Achieve low noise, basically no peculiar smell, and does not affect the surrounding environment. 6. The selection of special equipment is fully compared and selected, and products with better performance and price are sought. The equipment should be stable and reliable in operation, high in efficiency, convenient in management, low in maintenance and repair work, and moderate in price. 7. The selected instruments, meters and equipment are based on the main selection of domestic products with stable and reliable quality and good after-sales service. At the same time, we strive to absorb foreign advanced technology and appropriately select foreign products with excellent performance and moderate prices. 8. The treatment process is safe and reliable in operation, simple in operation, flexible in adjustment and convenient in management. Necessary monitoring instruments are installed in the station, operation management should be combined with reality, and automation should be considered as much as possible to improve management level and reduce staffing. Monitoring instruments and automation equipment should operate stably and be easy to maintain and repair. 9. After the construction of the project is completed, it will achieve the unity of social, environmental and economic benefits. 10. The sewage discharged into the sewage treatment station is domestic sewage, bathing wastewater, etc. The wastewater from restaurants and kitchens must be treated with grease traps before it can enter the sewage pipeline. 11. The main equipment is all underground, and the inspection well and the floor are the same. Equipment and structures do not occupy the surface area, and the upper part can be greened to beautify the environment. In short, the process technology used must have the characteristics of practicability, high efficiency, reliability, stability and high degree of automation. The above is the introduction to the sewage treatment equipment of the chicken farm. I believe you will know a lot after reading it. If you still have questions you don’t understand, you can call the environmental protection sewage treatment company and answer them in detail.
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