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Introduction to several major treatment methods of integrated reclaimed water reuse equipment

by:Ocpuritech     2021-07-09
Integrated water reuse equipment of several processing methods described the article: Today, domestic water pollution is more serious, with the economic development, industrial and domestic waste water is more serious, so we are a direct result of water shortages. Everyone hasn't realized the problem, and household water waste is widespread. In order to save water and give full play to the utilization rate of existing water resources, the use of reclaimed water reuse equipment is an effective method. The integrated reclaimed water reuse equipment is a new type of biochemical water purification system specially developed for the reuse of industrial sewage and domestic sewage. It forms a complete set of water around pretreatment, dosing system, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis or nanofiltration. The treatment system is to treat domestic sewage/urban sewage/industrial wastewater through advanced technology to remove toxic, harmful substances, heavy metal ions and other impurities that pollute the water body, and then disinfect and sterilize, reaching or exceeding the national standard for miscellaneous water (or related regulations) ), widely used in enterprise production or residents' lives. 1. Biological treatment method: Reclaimed water reuse equipment utilizes the adsorption of microorganisms in water and oxidizes and decomposes the organic matter in sewage, including aerobic and anaerobic microorganism treatment. Generally, aerobic treatment is used more. 2. Physical and chemical treatment method: The basic method is the combination of coagulation precipitation (air flotation) technology and activated carbon adsorption. Compared with the traditional secondary treatment, the water reuse equipment in the new process improves the water quality, but the operating cost is higher. . 3. Membrane separation technology: The reclaimed water reuse equipment adopts ultrafiltration (microfiltration) or reverse osmosis membrane treatment, which has the advantage of high removal rate, and the floor space is much reduced compared with the traditional secondary treatment. 4. Combination of biological treatment method and membrane separation technology: the new technology membrane bioreactor (MBR) is used in the reclaimed water reuse equipment, which has the characteristics of stable effluent water quality, low operating cost, simple operation and convenient maintenance. The effluent water quality is fully in line with national standards. Water reuse standard.
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