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Introduction to some main acid wastewater treatment process selection attention

by:Ocpuritech     2020-07-28
Introduction to acidic waste water treatment process to choose some main attention will produce a lot of waste water in industrial production, introduction to acidic waste water harm is very big for our environment. So we should choose appropriate introduction to acidic wastewater treatment process to solve the problem, introduction to acidic waste water treatment process should be how to choose, here, you can take you to get to know it. 1, the investment province at present most of the wastewater treatment project is the state-owned capital investment, our country is a developing country, economic development needs huge funding gap, control the investment of great benefit to the sustainable development of national economy. 2, operation cost, low running cost is an important factor of normal running of the wastewater treatment plants, is one of the main index in the selection process. 3, covers an area of less land resources is an important factor in urban development and planning. 4, denitrification and phosphorus removal effect is good, with the large area of eutrophication of water body environment, denitrification and phosphorus removal of wastewater has become an urgent need to solve the problem. Our implementation of the national integrated wastewater discharge standard '( GB8978- 1996). Also specify the units that are applicable to all very strict rules on the phosphate emissions standards and ammonia nitrogen emissions standards, which means that choosing wastewater treatment process, first of all, want to consider the problem of denitrification and phosphorus removal. 5, the combination of modern advanced technology and environmental protection engineering of modern advanced technology, especially the emergence of the computer technology and automatic control system equipment and perfect, provide strong support for the development of environmental protection engineering. At present, the developed countries abroad wastewater treatment plants are mostly USES the advanced computer management and control system, ensure the normal operation of the wastewater treatment plants and stable qualified water, and in this respect is relatively backward in our country. The computer control and management will be the developing direction of urban wastewater treatment plants in China.
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