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Laboratory ultrapure water machine what is the major component maintenance steps?

by:Ocpuritech     2020-05-10
Everyone knows that water pollution in recent years, more and more serious, in order to solve this problem, a lot of laboratory have chosen laboratory ultrapure water machine, because it can get rid of the water and sediment, heavy metals and other substances. During the period of equipment operation, its accessories plays a very important role, today we spread the laboratory ultrapure water machine maintenance steps for everyone. Laboratory ultrapure water machine maintenance steps: ( 1) Ultrapure water, preparation of maintenance plan to ensure that the laboratory machine maintenance work smoothly, it is necessary to develop a plan of equipment maintenance. Maintenance plan is usually divided into annual plan and monthly plan. Annual plans are usually set equipment inspections, maintenance time, maintenance materials and cost budget, and a monthly plan and implement. Monthly plans not only to the project specified in the implementation of the annual maintenance plan, but also the maintenance required spare parts, procurement, materials and artificial detailed arrangements, to ensure that all the preparatory work is completed prior to maintenance. ( 2) , ultrapure water machine maintenance maintenance plan of the implementation of the laboratory should take into account the water treatment process of operation and the needs of the production schedule. According to the maintenance projects, the contents and cycle, should arrange maintenance time, and the preparing work before maintenance. If you know to repair equipment performance, and often appear problem, please prepare the necessary tools and repair site. Associated with pure water treatment plant some downtime for maintenance, such as exposure to inspect and replace the air tube and aerator, must be conducted in strict accordance with the emergency plan, and should pay close attention to the time node, to complete the maintenance task.
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