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Live encyclopedia that vulcanizing agent production wastewater zero emissions using effect

by:Ocpuritech     2020-07-27
Live encyclopedia that vulcanizing agent production wastewater zero emissions using effect in our usual life, in addition to containing the vulcanizing agent production wastewater, also contain chemicals, vulcanizing agent production wastewater more serious impurities, in the use of vulcanizing agent production wastewater is what reason affecting the use effect, the analysis is as follows. 1, the classification of waste water used by agents in order to reduce costs has very strong pertinence. Resulting in the classification of waste water treatment is good, the comprehensive water or processing is not up to standard. 2, use a large amount of lime for clear water quality and reduce cost. But to produce a large amount of sludge, often in the wastewater treatment cost 30% 40% of sludge is produced. 3, water PH value change is big, reaction pool PH control is not stable. Tank turbidity PH is not stable. Effluent is too unstable, well at times but very badly at others. 4, water treatment personnel sense of responsibility is not strong, the operation is not careful, don't pay attention to detail. There is a problem, such as: water does not stop in time for emergency treatment. All kinds of instruments, probe correction cleaning less often. Not according to the process requirement is dispensing drugs concentration, in order to save trouble, to increase the concentration. 5, surface treatment prior to surface treatment industry products, through a large number of former processing, the use of degreasing powder contains emulsifier, and a lot of emulsifying agent not only influence the content of COD, and the influence of sedimentation tank alum tidbits coagulation, mud is not ideal, the precipitation is not good, a lot of suspended matter with upper clear water flow sedimentation tank, at the time of PH callback to dissolve into the water, resulting in drains excess heavy metal ions. On some influence the effect of vulcanizing agent production wastewater using relevant knowledge to share these today, different types of sewage, vulcanizing agent production wastewater and other types of sewage treatment equipment application technology is not the same, hope we can know more about the relevant knowledge.
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