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Look over Shanghai Custom Home Branch released three major installation service standards

by:Ocpuritech     2019-04-20

Customized home three-point products and seven-point installation, the installation quality has a great impact on the experience, so consumers, markets and companies have been calling for more standards and specifications. On March 12, 2019, the Shanghai Building Materials Industry Association held the 2019 Custom Home Branch Annual Meeting and officially released three group standards. The three standards are: custom home countertop installation standards, custom home product installation service standards and customized home integrity service standards, covering the three main sections of installation, service and corporate integrity.

The three standards were officially promulgated today.

Customized home products are a collection of materials. The company has achieved sales, design and production, but only half of all the links have been completed. Whether users can have a good experience, the installation quality and installation standards are particularly important.

In this context, since 2018, the Shanghai Building Materials Industry Association Customized Home Branch has started to develop industry standards for product installation services and corporate integrity. After more than 7 months of compilation and revision, the 'Customized Home Countertop Installation Standard', 'Customized Home Product Installation Service Standard' and 'Customized Home Integrity Service Standard' were officially released, which greatly promoted the development of the customized industry.

Meng Kai, deputy director of the Standard Innovation and Development Division of the Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision Administration, Shi Quan, Secretary General of the Shanghai Building Materials Industry Association, Wu Shifeng, Chairman of the Custom Home Furnishing Branch, and Chairman of Shanghai Yubang Kitchenware Co., Ltd., took the stage to unveil the standard launch ceremony . At the same time, representatives of enterprises involved in the compilation of three industry standards signed up and became the first companies to commit to the implementation of the standard.

According to the information published on the spot, the three major standards have been published in the Shanghai Quality and Technical Supervision Network and the national group standard information platform. Enterprises can log in to the website for inquiries. As the latest published industry specifications, the Future Custom Home Club will continue to update and revise these three standards to ensure that industry standards meet market needs, seek development in practice, and continue to improve during implementation. Enterprises should also measure the production and operation process of the enterprise with reference to industry standards, and strive to establish an industry benchmark in terms of installation and service.

Service may become a key factor restricting business development

At this meeting, Deng Cuiping, Secretary General of the Customized Home Furnishing Branch of Shanghai Building Materials Industry Association, made a 2018 work report and a 2019 work summary.

Secretary Deng pointed out in his speech that in the past year, the growth rate of customized homes compared to traditional building materials and homes was higher. The compound growth rate during the period from 2015 to 2017 exceeded 30%, leading the entire home building industry. development of. Among them, cabinets, custom cabinets and other categories are still growing rapidly, and have achieved a leading position in the development of the industry. In the future, the listing of customized enterprises and the centralized release of production capacity will promote the bulk channel to become a new battlefield for industry sales. Therefore, the company's supply chain management and information systems need to be quickly upgraded to provide new dynamism for enterprise development.

At present, enterprises at this stage generally pay more attention to material allocation, but their ability to meet the needs of their individual needs is insufficient, the product design innovation ability is insufficient, and the service link is not enough. As a result of the after-sales service problem, the consumption experience needs to be improved. It can be said that the service ability is related to the satisfaction of consumers, and it also determines how far the customized enterprises can go.

Secretary Deng pointed out that in the future, enterprises should put their comprehensive service capabilities in the first place. Actively responding to national policies, improving product quality, and making services an enterprise advantage rather than a short-board, can make the road of enterprise development go further.

According to Secretary Deng, 2018 Shanghai Building Materials Industry Association Custom Home Branch held the 2018 conference and boutique kitchen wardrobe conference, 'Tide Home Love Design - Aegis Cup' custom home design competition, custom home industry group standard preparation Six major tasks, such as settlement industry research, customized home consumption experience, corporate best case and brand demonstration work. In 2019, the association will continue to make efforts in industry research, advanced unit selection, custom home group publishing and implementation, green custom home evaluation standards preparation, installation skills competition, etc., to promote the healthy development of the industry.

The event also announced the launch of the 'Super 1+1' Shanghai Custom Industry clerk The & Designer Competition aims to give shop assistants more knowledge of customized home products through training, so that store designers can understand better solutions, enhance professionalism and ability, and bring better service to consumers.

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