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Low-cost and high-efficiency treatment of reclaimed water from food processing wastewater

by:Ocpuritech     2021-03-12
Food processing sewage water reuse of treated cheaply and efficiently with the article: the food industry with a lot of high-quality and delicious food for our lives, but this industry will emit large quantities of water in the production process, if not promptly treated, may flow into the sewage In the food production process, it affects the hygiene of food. The food processing industry wants to treat food processing wastewater. In the daily treatment of sewage, many people believe that sewage treatment and management require high costs, so they improve water pollution on the basis of water reuse treatment in food processing sewage. Due to imperfect pipeline design, littering will occur, leading to more serious urban pollution. However, the current public attention to sewage treatment, coupled with national and urban institutional adjustments, has monitored urban emissions and urban sewage treatment investment. The emergence of water reuse treatment in food processing wastewater has made the public not only find that the investment cost is low, but also that the treatment efficiency is relatively high. Reduce construction and save space. If you want to build a larger sewage treatment plant as before, you first need a larger building area, which will take up more land. Nowadays, urban planning is getting better and better. The demand for land is also increasing. The water reuse treatment of food processing wastewater does not require much underground treatment, which not only reduces investment costs, but also saves space. Reducing costs and rational use of food processing wastewater reuse treatment not only reduces costs, but also solves the problem of wastewater discharge in remote areas. The use of acid-base cleaning water reuse treatment not only helps cities reduce pipeline pressure, but also directly treats nearby sewage. After processing, the conditions for enterprises to purchase food processing wastewater for reuse and treatment depend on the customer's wastewater treatment budget, treatment specifications, wastewater treatment performance, equipment raw materials, wastewater and raw water quality and other related parameters. Efficient phosphorus and nitrogen removal functions can change the overall structure of the equipment to treat different domestic sewage, part of industrial sewage and urban sewage treatment. The fillers in the biochemical pool are mostly fixed-bed flat fillers, adding biomass to improve the stability of the system, a wide range of processes, a large specific surface area, modular structure devices, good biological affinity and rapid membrane suspension. The above three stages of food production process are the treatment of food processing sewage. The information on the source of the sewage can be used to accurately treat the food sewage.
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