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Main features of DTRO landfill leachate treatment equipment

by:Ocpuritech     2021-07-12
The main features of the article author DTRO leachate treatment equipment: In response to today's complex leachate indicators, it is handled properly, have a more complete innovative process solutions, now in landfill leachate treatment project more applications This is the DTRO membrane technology, which is more suitable for the treatment of high-concentration wastewater than traditional roll membranes. The main feature of DTRO landfill leachate treatment equipment. Disc tube type reverse osmosis has the following three obvious characteristics: 1. Channel width: The channel between the membranes (the guide plate) is 4mm, while the channel of the roll-type package membrane module is only 36μm. 2. Short flow: the flow of liquid on the surface of the membrane is only 7cm, while the membrane module in roll packaging is 100cm. 3. Turbulence: Due to the effect of high pressure, high-speed turbulence is formed after the leachate hits the bumps on the guide plate. Under the turbulence, the membrane surface is not easy to settle pollutants. In a membrane module packaged in a roll, the mesh support will trap pollutants, causing a stagnant area and causing membrane pollution. Disc tube reverse osmosis can tolerate higher suspended solids SS/SDI/high recovery rate. Other features of the disc tube reverse osmosis membrane: 1. Simple pretreatment, low influent water quality requirements, high recovery rate, and high desalination rate. 2. The operating pressure is high, the sewage is strong, the fluid channel is wide, the maintenance and cleaning tolerance is high, and the maintenance and replacement are simple and convenient. 3. The operating cost is low, the floor space is small, and the application range is wide. The initial investment of DTRO membrane technology is higher than that of traditional technology, but the cost of later operation and maintenance is more economical, and the overall cost performance is very high.
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