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Material selection and anti-corrosion method for integrated seawater desalination equipment?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-07-05
Material selection and corrosion integrated approach to desalination equipment Author:? We all know that a lot of countries and remote areas of freshwater islands have few resources, local residents are drinking problem. The water treatment industry uses integrated desalination equipment to turn brackish water into freshwater resources to meet the water standards of the common people. Since the desalination equipment is around the sea all year round, the material becomes particularly important. So which material is better for the integrated desalination equipment? The materials used in the current integrated desalination equipment are usually stainless steel, aluminum steel pipe, carbon steel pipe and so on. 1. The relative corrosion rate of stainless steel in seawater is relatively low, and most of the surface is not easy to be corroded. 2. Aluminum alloy has high strength and good seawater corrosion resistance, which is widely used in marine environment. 3. The strength of titanium tube is the first of metal. There is a layer of strong adhesion oxide film on the surface of titanium to protect the titanium tube from corrosion, and it can heal itself or regenerate even if it is mechanically worn. Methods to slow down the material corrosion of integrated desalination equipment: In order to slow down the corrosion of integrated desalination equipment, we usually coat the equipment with protective coating materials. These protective coating materials have very good adhesion, which can block the infiltration of environmental media, and play a role in protecting seawater desalination equipment. With the continuous progress and development of society, the application of integrated desalination equipment has become more and more extensive. Compared with the traditional pretreatment process, the integrated seawater desalination equipment filtration technology produced by the environmental protection water desalination equipment company has a simple system, convenient operation, small area, less investment and excellent water quality.
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