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Metal cleaning wastewater treatment equipment maintenance methods all have?

by:Ocpuritech     2020-07-11
Metal cleaning wastewater treatment equipment maintenance methods all have? With the development of modern industry, metal industry production is improved, the sharp rise in water and wastewater, this to our living environment has brought very serious impact. Metal sewage disposal must first understand the water quality of the sewage, in choosing equipment. Usually metal cleaning wastewater treatment equipment working environment is bad, will be some negative effects on the equipment, so we need to maintain frequently check, so how to maintain the metal cleaning wastewater treatment equipment? 1, must establish a set of perfect maintenance system, each class should be fill in the record run, in the case of a recorded, in order to repair. 2, regular inspection metal cleaning wastewater treatment equipment packing situation, found that falls off and relaxation should be timely supplement or correction. 3, check the aeration pipe, found a big bubble or partial aeration corner should be timely find the reasons and exclude, ensure the normal order of the various parts of the aeration. 4, disinfectant in overtime, should guarantee the reagent dosage and residual volume, when necessary, dosing quantity can be adjusted according to test results, supplementary medicament in time, ensure effluent is qualified. 5, if the equipment is not running in the short term, blower aeration can be used, to ensure that the microorganism is not death, convenient operation at the beginning of the next time don't have to cultivate microorganisms. 6, metal cleaning wastewater treatment equipment in event of no water or low water levels, at the same time it is strictly prohibited any downtime or false fan operating in the process of equipment operation state, prevent bacterial death, equipment can't run again. Ready for metal cleaning wastewater treatment equipment daily maintenance, can help us as far as possible reduce the failure rate of equipment, to ensure the normal operation of equipment and utility. Users can also focus on how to deal with the metal cleaning wastewater, help you to have more knowledge of wastewater treatment equipment.
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