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Microfiltration membrane filtration characteristics

by:Ocpuritech     2020-06-10
Generally think that the separation mechanism of MF for screening machine, decide the physical structure of the membrane. In addition, factors such as adsorption and electric properties of withholding rate may also be affected. The effective separation range 0. 1 - 10μ M particles, static pressure difference of 0. 01 - 0. 2MPa。 Microfiltration can intercept 0. Between 1 ~ 1 micron particles, microfiltration membrane allows macromolecular organic matter and soluble solids ( Inorganic salt) And so on, but can stop part suspended solids, bacteria, virus and large scale through the colloid, microfiltration membrane on both sides of the operating differential pressure ( Effective driver) As a general rule, be 0. 7bar。 Characteristics: (microfiltration membrane filtration technology 1) Microfiltration membrane aperture in the membrane is more uniform through hole, accounted for 70% ~ 80% of total volume, porosity is greater than the nominal diameter of particles in the liquid will all interception, filtration speed. ( 2) Microfiltration membrane is uniform continuous polymer porous body, has good chemical stability, no fiber and debris falls off, with no particles impact to filter effluent water quality. ( 3) Will not be caused by pressure in microfiltration membrane filtration is greater than the diameter of particles through the microfiltration membrane. Even if the pressure fluctuations will not affect the filtering effect. ( 4) Wastewater treatment using microfiltration membrane compared with other methods, do not need to adding the special chemicals for water treatment, cover an area of an area small, easy operation, the system is stable and reliable operation, easy control, maintenance, high processing efficiency. ( 5) As microfiltration membrane similar to more cascade screen mesh and intercept action limits on the surface of membrane, can be a small amount and the membrane pore size is similar to the size of the particles or colloid particle plugging. If use of the structure of the membrane element is communication, since it has the characteristics of continuous self cleaning, can better solve this defect.
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