New direction of household consumption: single-piece purchase of home appliances will become history

New direction of household consumption: single-piece purchase of home appliances will become history

by:Ocpuritech     2019-05-02

People are “purchasing” a single piece of home appliances, but the future is a complete set of “custom”. On March 31st, Haier's world's first immersive home appliance museum in Qingdao fully explained this trend from the perspective of history and future, which is also an important direction for the upgrading of household consumption in the future.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Haier World Home Appliances Museum, the museum broke the traditional museum model of walking and looking at it. Through the immersive interactive experience, the audience can look back and see the future, not only through the scenes, but also in the 1930s and 1960s. - The oldest appliances with the most characteristics of the 1990s, also presenting a smart family at your fingertips, conveying important trends in household consumption: from functional consumption to experience consumption, from single-piece consumption to complete customization, from standard consumption to Personalized solutions.

The audience of the on-site experience is not only interested in the history of the world's home appliance development, but also full of embarrassment for the future family, and the smart family has become a hot spot for competing experiences. Haier is demonstrating a full-service one-stop smart home appliance. It can provide 7 full-house solutions in four physical spaces, such as smart living room and smart kitchen. These appliances can be interconnected, active, and voice interactive. Personalized customization from food and clothing to lifestyle.

Shunning demand treasure is a big attraction of the museum. The system can customize home appliances, home, home improvement and other solutions according to the individual needs of users. In the interactive experience area, you can divide into two sections: 'Customize for you' and 'Customize for you'. The “customize for you” system can customize the smart home plan to match the family scene according to the user's differences; the “you customize” system integrates the user's needs into a mass-customized value-added sharing system, and the user submits the requirements on site, once the demand pushes the product to iteratively generate Added value, users can get the corresponding share.

From the distribution of home appliance museums, the main use of scenes, multimedia interactive display, in a completely immersive form, not only allows visitors to experience the evolution of the past home appliances, the future trend of smart homes, but also through the juvenile live experience learning, to create 'second classroom'. At present, the museum has signed a contract with Xinke Tongjia, and launched the first international children's drama exhibition season in Qingdao. It has introduced a large number of foreign original children's dramas, dramas and melodrama, and became the first truly 'black box-stained parent-child children's theater'.

Experts believe that the world's first immersive home appliance museum has its inevitability in Qingdao. Qingdao has created the world's largest home appliance brand, and is the most important R&D and manufacturing base of home appliances in the world. The landing of Haier World Home Appliances Museum helps Qingdao's home appliance industry to collaborate from R&D, manufacturing, branding, exhibitions and user interactions, making Qingdao's smart home industry a leader in the country.

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