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Notice on Compiling the White Paper on 2019 China's Water Purification Industry Consumption

by:Ocpuritech     2019-04-27

Water is the source of life. People take food as the first priority and food as the first. Drinking clean and hygienic water is the basic guarantee for human health. Due to the intensification of water resources pollution, the tap water technology is backward, it is difficult to eliminate the increasingly serious natural pollution and chemical pollution in the raw water, as well as the secondary pollution of tap water in the process of water delivery, pipelines and pools, and drinking water purification equipment as health home appliances. It is being accepted and used by more and more consumers, and the market has maintained a momentum of continuous growth. The product development trend is becoming clearer and clearer, and it has become an industry with rapid development of China's manufacturing industry.

However, due to the developmental chaos caused by the rapid expansion of the water purification market and the low degree of knowledge of water purification, the knowledge of drinking water purification equipment is not well understood, the choice is difficult, and the use is improper, which affects the popularity of drinking water purification equipment. application. In order to objectively describe the highlights and achievements of the production, sales, consumption and development of China's water purification industry, summarize and publicize the benchmark enterprises and quality products in the water purification industry, and promote advanced experience and practices. Since 2015, I will cooperate with China's household appliances research. The Institute, Zhongyikang Times Market Research Institute, Beijing China Lightlink Certification Center, China Consumer Protection Foundation, Sina Home, Tencent Home and other authoritative organizations and media and industry outstanding water purification companies have launched the 'China Water Purification Industry' for four consecutive years. The White Paper on Consumption has been actively promoted and distributed to consumers and enterprises through various means, and has been recognized and loved by the society, industry and enterprises. The White Paper on China's Water Purification Industry is the most informative, authoritative, practical and influential consumer guidebook in China's water purification industry. It is the wisdom and forward-looking direction of the development of water purification industry. The release of the white paper has played an important role in promoting well-known companies and brands, inspecting new trends in the development of water purification industry, serving and promoting the healthy development of the industry. At the same time, it provides knowledge of popularizing water purification for consumers to purchase and use drinking water purification equipment. Guided and guided. To this end, China Quality Inspection Association decided to officially launch the '2019 China Clean Water Consumption White Paper' preparation work in March 2019. The 2019 China White Water Consumption White Paper includes water and human health, water quality in some cities in China, development of China's water purification industry, market analysis of drinking water purification equipment, role and function of drinking water purification equipment, and drinking water. The use and maintenance of purification equipment, the quality status of drinking water purification equipment, and the demonstration of water-saving drinking water purification equipment, etc., please actively participate in the excellent water purification enterprises.

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