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Ocpuritech approved fiberglass tank customized for chemical industry

Ocpuritech approved fiberglass tank customized for chemical industry

Ocpuritech approved fiberglass tank customized for chemical industry

Brand Name
Place of origin
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Model Number
For water treatment application
Natural, Blue, Grey and Black
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Product Details
Aomi adheres to the principle of 'details determine success or failure' and pays great attention to the details of Ultrafiltration system.Aomi has professional production workshops and great production technology. Ultrafiltration system we produce, in line with the national quality inspection standards, has reasonable structure, stable performance, good safety, and high reliability. It is also available in a wide range of types and specifications. Customers' diverse needs can be fully fulfilled.
Application Scope
reverse osmosis systems produced by Aomi is applied to the following industries.Aomi could customize comprehensive and efficient solutions according to customers' different needs.
Company Advantages
1. The application of the advanced technology has made Ocpuritech frp vessel more perfect on appearance.
2. The product has internationally certified quality and long service life.
3. As our QC team strictly and smoothly control the quality throughout the whole production process, the quality of the product is fully ensured.
4. Guangzhou Aomi Water Purification System Manufacture Co., Ltd. has perfect quality assurance system and production guarantee system for fiberglass tank.

Basic Configuration

Material of Construction

FRP with Polyethylene Inner Shell


Different colors are available


Top opening with 4" Threaded

Maximum Operating Pressure

150 psi (1 MPa ,1Kgf/cm2)

Maximum Operating Temperature

120°F (49°C)

Model number




product description

Ocpuritech approved fiberglass tank customized for chemical industry-1

The pressure vessel with PE liner and Polyethylene Inner Shell, 3072 pressure vessels FRP tank is a kind of nonmetallic composite which is made by resin and fiber glass. The non-corrosive, cost-effective solution for industrial water treatment application. FRP pressure vessels are widely used for RO system, industrial or commercial softening, water treatment systems and softeners.

The pressure vessels can be equipped with automatic or manual valves with perfect performance of high strength. It is usually used in the huge project, like the engineering project or some government project. With a variety of capacities options, we can tailor a vessel to meet your needs.               

Ocpuritech approved fiberglass tank customized for chemical industry-2                

Corrosion resistance,Easy and convenient installation,Beautiful appearance.
Smooth surface,Pressurization,High strength.
Light weight ,aging-resistance and long service life

ODM/OEM available


S/N No.

 Specs / Model



(ф205×H905) -835

Top: 2.5''


(ф205×H1130) -844


(ф230×H430) -917


(ф230×H905) -935


(ф230×H1085) -942


(ф230×H1230) -948


(ф255×H445) -1017


(ф255×H905) -1035


(ф255×H1130) -1044


(ф255×H1390) -1054


(ф300×H1220) -1248


(ф300×H1340) -1252


(ф300×H1650) -1265


(ф330×H1120) -1344


(ф330×H1400) -1354


(ф355×H1670) -1465


(ф400×H1670) -1665


(ф400×H1670) -1665

Top: 4'' Thread


(ф450×H1670) -1865


(ф530×H1750) -2169


(ф600×H1850) -2472


(ф750×1850H)- 3072


(ф400×H1670) -1665

Top & Bottom: 4'' Thread


(ф450×H1670) -1865


(ф530×H1750) -2169


(ф600×H1850) -2472


(ф600×H2200) -2487


(ф750×1850H)- 3072


(ф750×H2200) -3087






(ф900×H2400) -3694

Top & Bottom: 6'' Flange


(ф1000×H2400) -4094




(ф1200×H2400) -4894


(ф1500×H2100) -6083



--Working pressure: 150PSI;
--Colors: Natural, Blue, Grey and Black;
--PE liner;
--Warranty: 1 Year;
--NSF  and CE certificate.

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Ocpuritech approved fiberglass tank customized for chemical industry-4               



For water treatments

Pressure vessels mainly are used in the pretreatment part of the water treatment system to remove impurities, suspended matter, residual chlorine and smell. FRP tanks and pressure vessels are used in various commercial and industrial applications, including chemical, water & waste water, food & beverage, mining & metals, power, energy, and high-purity applications.

Ocpuritech approved fiberglass tank customized for chemical industry-5

CE certification


CE certificate is a certification mark that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA).

 The CE marking is also found on products sold outside the EEA, This makes the CE certificate recognizable worldwide even to people who are not familiar with the European Economic Area. It is in that sense similar to the FCC Declaration of Conformity used on certain electronic devices sold in the United States.

Our water treatment system and water treatment accessories all have been certificated by CE and provide 1 -year warranty, many clients are very recognized for the quality of our products, we are your trusted partners, contact us now!

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Ocpuritech approved fiberglass tank customized for chemical industry-7     

Company Features
1. Guangzhou Aomi Water Purification System Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a quality-oriented enterprise which is deeply trusted by customers.
2. Ocpuritech has attained the worldwide level in important technical areas like R&D, layout, construction and manufacturing.
3. Service is our culture, Guangzhou Aomi Water Purification System Manufacture Co., Ltd. is committed to improving our service. Get quote! Guangzhou Aomi Water Purification System Manufacture Co., Ltd. pushes the going-out strategy. Get quote! Ocpuritech adheres to the tenet of cultivating corporate culture always. Get quote!
Works like a charm for Acrylic Fluid art. Love it!
I bought this after reviewing acrylic painting techniques where using water to make the washes is not recommended, because the acrylic binder (medium used) should not be very diluted with the water which seems to prevent appropriate chemical concentration of the plastic molecules to be able to produce a durable polymer. Summary: too diluted in water will not be good for your paintings. Use these instead and i did. WOW... I just started a new sketch and this really makes the brush "dance in the linen canvas" and it is much nicer than diluting with water.
Great product for art pouring techniques.
It's great for smoothing paint, but sometimes it has chunks (even a brand new bottle), and these chunks can ruin a painting. I recommend filtering it before use.
Great product. Used it to paint steel door, no brush marks!
I use this for acrylic pour painting and it is my favorite pouring medium to date. It doesn't alter the paint colors or cause them to become muddy as other mediums have. I just wish it were a little cheaper.
Love this additive for acrylic painting!
It did make my paints more flowy and runny. But it isnt clear, its kind of a foggy milky transparent color. So all my bright paints would look dull after mixing this with them.
Replaced an old Rochester gauge arm style float on my Invader boat with this. Much more accurate, but it will bounce real time with the gas in the tank.
Came with everything needed to install and took about 15 minutes of wrenching. Tested for accuracy before using ohm meter, so far satisfied with accuracy
It is a direct replacement for a 15 year old swingarm type float switch. This switch is linear in reading my fuel level up to a little over half tank, because the tank is slanted and the switch mounts in the lower half. I haven't used it much, but it should be excellent at predicting my remaining fuel near empty. When this gauge reads empty, I had better be arriving at a fuel station; my old one wasn't so predictable. My gauge is a Yamaha digital and it connected easily, however you should use waterproof butt connectors and hardware it. (My old one screwed on.) I just hope it lasts, because access to the tank is in the console behind the batteries.
Works great, fit perfect, quick shipping. Would buy again. Put on a 1990 Bayliner Trophy.
Same as original but did not solve my problem gauge must be bad
Makes it easy to fill the water tank and you can see when the tank is almost full and turn it off at the unit.
This works SO much better than simply using a hose for gravity filling my trailer water tank! Finally I can fill the tank without getting wet!
Don't even try to fill your camper's water tank without one! It stays in place controls the rate of fill and allows the user to shut off the water without the unintended cold water shower.
No issues
What could be easier? Skinny hose inserted in skinny hole...ta-da! No splashing!
Well I'm impressed! Much better than using foil to line a grill. Used it for the first time yesterday and it did a good job of preventing flare ups while grilling burgers and ham steaks. Downside is though that the picture shows grill marks on the steak for this item. Yea unless I am doing something wrong no grill marks are ever going to present themselves. think of these as pan frying without all the juices staying in the pan. Good for those meats that typically have a higher fat content and thus flare more. Good news is that grill marks are possible. Just take the mat off at the end of cooking and briefly grill over the open fire.
Ok for grilling, but items must be super dry, as the water builds up on the mat. It's a challenge when grilling veggies or shrimp - something that expells a lot of water. You have to keep draining it off it you want it to "grill". So far, I've not been able to get the nice grill lines, but have only used it a couple of times. Will keep experimenting to see if I can figure out some better techniques. Still way easier than skewers for shrimp! Also nice when brushing on sauces. Great clean up too.
These mats are good but, not the best. They do withstand a lot of heat and allow you to cook things really well. That being said, if the mats overlap, they stick to each other. When I got my first set, I used them on a fire grill and they were burnt at the edges and had become very brittle. I contacted the seller and they were nice enough to send me a replacement set after I sent them pics. I used the new set on my charcoal grill this weekend and they worked well while grilling. After I was done, I left them out to cool down and the next day, they were stuck to each other where they had overlapped. They were stuck so badly that I had to pull them apart like I was tearing a piece of cloth and, they ripped apart with the coating stuck to one another. Cleaning them was not all that bad though. Not sure if I did something wrong or if it was the mat but, I won;t be buying another set for a while. They are pretty pricey to be replaced every time you use them.
My husband got me a set of these last year. He had also got a set for his friend. I love them. They food grilled on them leave grill marks just like setting food on the actual grill grates. However there is no grease fire and clean up is wonderful. Just pull them off when they cool. Wash them in soapy water, dry and place back on the grill for the next use. So, I just bought this last set for my daughter in law who loves to grill. Just a wonderful product.
My boat now runs 100x smoother!!! 1966 15' Richline V-Bottom with a 2007 Yamaha 25 hp outboard. Fit motor perfectly. I can now operate my boat by myself without adding weight to the front end. I can be standing still and open the throttle wide open and I take off across the lake. Before I had to ease the throttle and the nose of my boat would still come 6' out of the water and never plane out. Not anymore! This product is amazing!!
Awesome product. I applied to the new deck of a 23' boat I repaired and it worked like a charm. This is about the best non-skid paint I've ever encountered. A couple of pointers for future users: 1) You need to mix like crazy, it takes quite a while to get all the particulate blended in. 2) I didn't use their recommended roller (didn't know one existed) so it was a challenge to roll out. I ended up using a 4 inch "hot dog" roller. Just don't push down hard because it pushes the paint rather than rolling it out. Once I got the touch, I flew through the project with a few thin coats. Yield was better than expected or advertised. 3) Wear gloves, this stuff sticks like white on rice.
Great for nonskid in boat deck.
Flitz is the best cleaner polish I've ever used. Quickly and easily removes tough mars stains etc on fiberglass or metal.
All just as described and works well!
Sta-Rite is simply the best pump made ....... period.
Exactly what I’m expecting
We absolutely love the circular version of this dark gray fire pit table and tank holder, which doubles as a side table. They have the appearance of a slightly textured stone, though the actual material might be painted fiberglass. Regardless, the product is substantial, it's elegant in its simple design, and the fire pit gives off just the right amount of heat. We did have a fairly minor issue with it upon arrival and contacted the seller. They responded immediately and addressed our concern to our satisfaction. As such, not only are we happy with GDF Studio's product, we are just as pleased with their customer service -- which is critical when buying online. We highly recommend!
Love this! The first one we got came really quickly (4 days) but it had a faulty igniter. So called the company and by another 4 days had the old one picked up and a new one dropped off. Love, love, love it!
Way cheaper than the competitors on here or RH, etc. Looks great. Set up took 15 minutes. Lights really quickly and easily. Flame is about 6" tall at 100%. Puts off decent but not amazing heat. Plastic rain cover is really ugly. Lots of packaging.
Love this fire pit! Looks even better in person. I bought one and it came damaged but I contacted the seller and they made it right immediately. Great seller and great item... looks perfect with the other amazon outdoor furniture I bought. I bought fireglass to enhance the looks of this pit.
Very satisfied, excellent results giving me no water spots on my vehicles, wish I had purchased something like this years ago.
I love these lights the colors are fantastic...
This product was perfect for a fountain project I was working on and the seller was very nice and helpful.
Love it nice love it
Works great in our courtyard fountain. Colors are beautiful.
Having a shut-off valve on the nozzle make filling the trailer's water tank much easier. I can now turn on the water at the faucet and not get sprayed as I'm getting the nozzle to the filler tube.
This thing works great. well worth the three dollars to not have to stand and hold the hose and can also open the valve fully. Works great and is a great price.
Fits perfectly for the R-Pod 179. However, the zipper door opening does not correspond to where the actual door is. Contacting the manufacturer of the cover, they said they don't plan to make a change anytime soon (Fall-2014). But then again, it is a winter cover, so how often does one need to get inside? I disconnected the roof top antenna and laid it flat with a box over it so it would not wear against the cover. Hope this helps potential R-Pod 179 owners.
Fast shipping. I received my package early and was as described. Perfect fit and good quality. I will definitely use this supplier again for my needs
It works great and not that bad to install. They give you the fittings and the gas tape also. The only negative I find is that you will have parts left over but that's the idea behind the word "Universal".
This fits my future beach 126 angler kayak. It's a little bigger than I need, it fits my medium heavy catfish rods, my medium bass rods both spinning and bait cast: it also can hold my 5/6 weight fly rod (just not snug). I'm only giving it three stars because the locking mechanism is kinda a pain, that time figiting can to unlock means a few missed fish for some people. This is detachable so I can carry my kayak then easily install it, or store it in my crate between trips. I might even run attach my rod leash by running the detatchable part through my leash loop. The nuts that come with the bolt have the rubber seal in them so they are less apt to undo themselves.
This set had all I needed to install my gas heater. No problems whatsoever.
As advertised. Good customer service.
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