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Ocpuritech industrial home depot water filter cartridge for business

Ocpuritech industrial home depot water filter cartridge for business

Ocpuritech industrial home depot water filter cartridge for business

Brand Name
Place of origin
Guangzhou, China
CE certification
OEM/ODM Availability
Start Port
25pcs/ carton
Payment Terms
TT; Western Union, Paypal, L/C, Money Gram
Delivery way
5-7 work days
PP melt-blown filter cartridge,pp pleated filter cartridge
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Product Comparison
Aomi insists on the use of high-quality materials and advanced technology to manufacture reverse osmosis system. Besides, we strictly monitor and control the quality and cost in each production process. All this guarantees the product to have high quality and favorable price.Compared with other products in the same industry, Aomi's reverse osmosis system has the following characteristics.
Company Advantages
1. The production of Ocpuritech well water sediment filter follows an extremely strict process during the design phase.
2. The product has excellent flexibility and endurance. It is able to repeat the movement for thousands of times without malfunction.
3. Perfect after-service mechanism has been established in Guangzhou Aomi Water Purification System Manufacture Co., Ltd..

Most water purifiers use a PP filter cartridge for the first stage of the filter element. The first stage of the filter element is not only directly affects the water quality but also affects the subsequent secondary or tertiary filtration effect and the life of the filter element. Therefore, the quality of PP filter is especially important for water purifiers.

Product Description

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PP filter cartridge uses food-grade polypropylene as raw material with the process of hot melting spray, traction, and winding.

It is constructed of a loosened layer, compacted layer and precise layer to ensure highly efficient filtration performance.

It can remove some impurities like suspended substances, particles and rust effectively.

Ocpuritech can provide stable available PP filter cartridge for our customer, 10”20” or 40” with different microns like 5micron, 10mciron,20micron, and 1micron.

Besides, we also make customized PP melt blown filter cartridge as per customer’s requested.

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Large flow rate
corrosion resistance
high-pressure resistance
low cost

What are the main features for our PP filter cartridge?

PP filter cartridge uses food-grade polypropylene as raw material with the process of hot melting spray, traction, and winding. It is constructed of the loosened layer, compacted layer and precise layer to ensure highly efficient filtration performance. PP  filter core is uniform and dense, filtration precision It can remove some impurities like suspended substances, particles and rust effectively. The bigger apertures of the pores have sufficient space to hold larger particulates, smaller apertures stop smaller particulates, ensuring high filtration efficiency and increasing service lifespan. The service of a lifespan of PP filter cartridge is 3 to 6 months.

PP Type: Three kinds of PP can be supplied. Such as:

             Flat PP Filter

             Needle Punched PP Filter

             Embossed PP Filter

In addition, this three kinds of PP has various length like 10”,20”,30” and 40” with different microns such as 1 micron, 5 microns, 10 microns, 20 microns, 50 microns, and 100 microns.

Besides these PP filter cunts as a weight like 100g,105g,100g,115g,120g,130g so on. We can make customized weight as per buyer’s request.

PP filter is measured by Inner dia and outer dia. So generally ID range is 28-30mm, OD range is 60-63mm for all sizes of PP.

What benefits for our PP filter cartridge?

★ Our pp filter has high fiber density and good hardness. If the filter element is squeezed hard, it will not be pinched. Even if you are an adult standing on the filter, it will not be significantly deformed and the filtration effect will be 99%. 

★ Needle-punched PP cotton increases the surface area of clean water and increases the amount of dirt. The surface of the groove is more likely to cause the impurities to fall off without sticking to the PP filter, which also improves the service life of the PP filter to some extent. 

★ Ocpuritech is a filter cartridge production manufacture that provides the lowest and cheapest price directly to the clients.

Noted for using PP filter:

The PP filter is the first stage of the water purifier. More than 80% of the impurities will be filtered in the first stage pp filter cartridge and the more impurities are filtered, the more easily the filter is clogged, In areas with poor water quality, it may take more than two months to replace the filter element. In order to avoid secondary pollution of the water purifier and affect the filtration effect of the filter element behind it, it is recommended to replace the filter element every 3-6 months.

Product Details

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Ocpuritech industrial home depot water filter cartridge for business-6                


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1  Water treatment 
2 PCB industry
3  Pre RO/ID water filtration
4 Chemicals, solvents
5 Plating solution
6 Electronic Industry
7 Petrochemical Process

8 Filtering for Food & Beverage

PP filter cartridge is widely used in industrial water treatment, household machines, etc. PP filter is required as the first stage of pretreatment. It is a link that cannot be removed during the pretreatment process. If the RO system is not equipped with a PP filter, the raw water directly enters the RO membrane. Excessive particles, precipitates, microorganisms, and bacterial viruses that are not treated will block in the RO membrane, and the life of the RO membrane will be shortened, which will also affect the quality of the final water.

Application of PP filter:

10 inch PP filter is generally used in household machines, such as RO household machines and ultrafiltration household machines.

20-inch PP filter is generally used in RO commercial machines and small-flow RO industrial machines.

30-inch or 40-inch PP filter is placed in a precision filter for high-flow industrial equipment.

It can also be applied to pre-treatment machine or filter separately for all sizes of PP filter.

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Company Features
1. Being a prominent company in China, Guangzhou Aomi Water Purification System Manufacture Co., Ltd. has a presence in the development and manufacture of home depot water filter cartridge .
2. Guangzhou Aomi Water Purification System Manufacture Co., Ltd. is deeply trusted by customers at home and abroad for its high quality thanks to advanced technology.
3. 5 micron water filter cartridge has become the perpetual pursuit of Guangzhou Aomi Water Purification System Manufacture Co., Ltd. to improve himself. Call now! 3m water filter cartridge has become the perpetual pursuit of Guangzhou Aomi Water Purification System Manufacture Co., Ltd. to improve himself. Call now! pp filter has become the perpetual pursuit of Guangzhou Aomi Water Purification System Manufacture Co., Ltd. to improve himself. Call now!
Delivered on time and they do the job.
The filter would move inside the housing when water went through the filter. I contacted the manufacturer. Manufacture wanted video and lost of info. I sent them the information and a video of the filter cartridge moving as water flowed through. They sent me a replacement filter and it works fine, no leaking by like the original filter. It works OK. I wish there was a finer screen than 50 micron, because my system has rust that gets through and plugs up my 20 micron filter to quickly. I like the quality and will always keep one in my system.
This spindown water filter seems to be well made and easy to clean out when needed. I called the support people and asked them what size of screen to use with the filter. The recommended starting with the 50 micron size and moving to a larger size screen if needed later. This turned out to be good advice. In fact for my needs an even finer (smaller) screen size would be good. The cleanout ball valve seems to be adequate to clean the filter screen in most cases. Also the clean out valve is also a handy way to take the water pressure off the filter system when needed for maintenance of other filters in our system. (We use a 3 valve isolation system for the filters to allow water to be on for the home while filters are being serviced) I think this filter is a good addition to our well water system.
This is a well made product. We bought the 50 micron filter and it will not flow the amount of water they advertise. At 60psi with 3/4" lines we are getting less than 10 GPM. The 50 micron filter catches the smallest particle, probably way too small for regular household use. We are going to get a less restrictive filter in hopes of getting a higher flow rate.
Work as advertised!
Does a good job, easy to replace. Just think it could be less expensive if you could just buy the filter without the top hardware
BATAVIA – Once again, Aurora has taken the crown when it comes to its drinking water. A panel of three judges decided that Aurora had the best drinking water based on taste, odor and clarity during the Kane County Water Association’s annual water-tasting contest Thursday at Lincoln Inn Banquets in Batavia. This is the fifth time Aurora has won the contest, the most of any community in Kane County. Montgomery won last year. The award has been presented since 1997. Those in charge of the city’s water production did not take the honor lightly. Aurora’s drinking water is a blend of well water and Fox River water. “We have a well-run plan and an excellent staff,” said Bob Leible, assistant superintendent of water production for Aurora. “You certainly don’t want your customers to be disappointed with the water that comes out of the tap.” Before Thursday’s win, the last time Aurora had taken the award was in 2008. Aurora now will compete in the state competition next year. “It is a little bit of bragging rights between the communities,” Leible said. Aurora, along with Batavia, Geneva, St. Charles, North Aurora, Sugar Grove, Montgomery, Yorkville and Elgin, participated in this year’s contest. On the panel of judges was Kane County Sheriff Pat Perez. The samples from each community were submitted in unmarked beakers so judges did not know whose water they were drinking. Perez said he found the task difficult as he sniffed and carefully eyed the beakers of water. All that great tasting water is filtered through this great filter. We have had this filter system for 2 years and replace the filter annually as the water flow starts decreasing after 10 months of use. We have 3 adults and 1 child using this filter.
Everything went well.
they are ok and do the job i bought the 4 pack for $20 which is a good price
It seems to doing the job. My water is clear.
Works well. My previous filters were the coiled cotton string type that were 10 micron. Going down to 1 micron eliminated additional minerals that made my well water have a taste. Not a bad taste, but I do like that my water now tastes like "nothing." No long-term studies done here, but presumably filtering out more of the minerals would help extend pipe life and eliminate scale as well. I bought a 2 pack to start. Next time I'll buy whatever the largest size is to save a few bucks.
Good value
When i received it, I could feel in the weight itself that it is a high quality product. It is easy to install, all connectors and component are well made. This filter works well to remove larger sediment. Longer filter life and needs almost no maintenance.
I thought why not give it a try as this water pre-filter system is a lot more affordable than other water filter systems. No future maintenance costs as the filter is flushable and the seller said no need to replace the filter in the Q&A. The filter is also clear allowing us to see whether it’s working and whether we need to clean it. Great value for what it costs.
Had it for 2 months and so far no issues and it works great at my lake house where there is no ground or city water and everyone has to pump nonpotable water straight from the lake. For $40 you cant beat it. Cheesy plastic one at homedepot costs the same ammount.
I can say much about its longevity since I installed it just a few weeks ago. However, from such short experience, there are four things that I can share in this review which may help others decide on whether to purchase and use this filter. Firstly, the filter appears to be well made. It just looks and feels like a quality product should and quality can be a good indication about its reliability. Secondly, it’s a pleaded 4.5” x 20” filter. The pleaded filtering material offer a much larger filtering surface than spun type filters and the larger dimensions means that it won’t have to be replaced as often as smaller size filters. Thirdly, there was a huge increase in water pressure as soon as I replaced the filter. I’m on well water here in south Florida and the water must first be treated, in my case, by two filtering treatment system, before it can be made potable. These systems affect water pressure, so adding the right sediment filter is important to keep water pressure drops to a minimum. And, fourthly, the water appears to be clearer than before I replaced the filter. So, thus far, it has made a huge difference and I recommended. I just want to add that if you are on well water and have self-flushing (backwashed) type filtration treatment, e.g. carbon type or iron and sulfur filtering media, you must make sure water pressure is enough to ensure a complete filter flush. A sediment filter that’s too small or the wrong type can limit the amount and pressure of the water for adequate flushing of the filtering media.
Does everything it is supposed to do.
We are on a rainwater catchment in rural Hawaii. We need a one micron filter to make our tap water drinkable. It works. It is a good value. Arrived quickly.
These Filters do a very good job and the price is much better than the Big Box Stores .
High quality product.
After about 10 months in the Florida sun the clear polycarbonate bowl develops cracks. (25 miles east of Tampa) Ron
UPDATE: Aug 13. Performs flawlessly and has been a great filter addition from our well water supply. Highly recommend this very well made sediment water filter arrived early for those that care! Though the water filter is well made it’s always a disappointment to see the product was from China. It’s an excellent filter, highly recommended for the price.
The filter is extremely easy to install, and needs almost no maintenance. It removes the larger sediment from our water, so we don't have to change our disposable filters so often. Everyone with a well or spring-fed water system needs one. I wish we'd gotten this one years ago.
The water to our home was invariably brown and this colour did a "job" on white clothes which indelibly changed from white to creamish white. The iSpring WSP-50 Spin Down Filter has removed the brown sediments from the water. Our water is now a colourless liquid; we no longer have to allow the utility supply to flow for minutes to rid the water of the brown sedimentation. We are happy.
I have an acid neutralizing filter in my system and it still allows red algae to come through. This filter appears to be keeping it out of our main house water pipes. I might have given it 5 stars if I had had it long enough but not sure yet about the ease of filter changes. The installation is easy if you have a little mechanical knowledge. Since we have a concrete block wall close enough, I ordered and used the mounting bracket. ALERT:: Make sure you have the correct thread pattern on the male fittings or they won't work--your hardware supply store can help with that. Make sure you use a good wrapping of Teflon tape on those fittings and tighten them well.
I am using this filter for all of the water coming into our trailer at a seasonal campground, in a "whole house" type configuration. Not sure exactly what was in the water, but it had a distinct taste and smell, and when boiling water for pasta, it would turn orange. After running water through it for only a minute, I removed it and looked at the filter and it had captured a surprising amount of "orange stuff". The filter does not seem to slow our water pressure at all. The only issue I have with this filter, which I saw mentioned by other reviewers, is that when screwing in a standard 3/4" plumbing fitting into the filter, you need to use A LOT of teflon tape so that it does not leak. I had to put on teflon tape, put together, test, see leak, and repeat a number of times.
Fits perfectly in my fridge and is still going strong! Run through quite a few times before drinking (like other reviews said) and it is perfect! Came in wicked fast too. Will be buying more from this seller when it needs to be changed.
Good clean cut threads accommodate both male and female pipe threads. Using the 1" male threads allows for greater flow (i.e. less pressure drop) than the female 3/4" threads. While it's not truly "backwashable" it does allow rinsing and draining without removal of the filter.
This is the easiest filter to replace that I have ever seen. It also seemed to last longer.
First of all, it's much cheaper to buy these on Amazon than at your local hardware store. You can also get a good deal on the filters themselves by signing up for automatic shipment on the schedule you desire. That not only saves you on the filters, but also serves as a reminder that it's time to change them out when the new ones arrive! There is another model that has a clear plastic body but it costs more for some reason. I had those and they froze and broke last winter so I thought these solid ones looked to be a bit stronger. If you are on a well, you should buy two of these and hook them up in series with a primary sediment filter in the first unit and a micron filter for the 2nd. I got these two units installed and instantly had the clearest water coming from the tap. They cost more and have to be changed every two months, but the micron filter makes a huge difference over using cheaper ones that don't have the higher filtering capability. I've got a lot of sediment and was using a Brita filter, but the water is now so bright and clear (and tasty) that I just use water straight from the faucet now. It's the best water I've ever tasted actually! Do not overtighten when you install the filters. If you have water leaking, check to make sure you didn't drop the "O ring" when you removed the used filter. They also recommend putting some vaseline on the seal. Installed properly, you don't have to use more than finger pressure with a slight snugging with the plastic wrench for a perfect seal. If you are still leaking stop and disassemble. Don't force it too tight or it's hard to get it off the next time you have to change filters. If your filter box is outside make sure you have it adequately insulated if you are subject to hard freezes in your area. I have my box insulated with a 100 watt lightbulb on the inside which I plug in when temps drop into the low teens. I don't recommend wrapping the pipes and the filters with insulation and heat tapes. That's what failed disastrously last winter. First the heat tape failed and you couldn't visually see that under the wrappings and secondly a couple of wraps of a heat tape around the filter wasn't adequate. It was also a terrible mess to tear it all apart to change the filter cartridges! Better to insulate the whole box and put a visible heat source inside.
Our water is clear as heck, doesn't appear to have anything left in it. used to it was yellowish, stained everything and couldn't be boiled.
Great filter
Great product. I was using a shower head filter before but still was getting that nasty chlorine smell. Once I added this filter in addition with my shower head filter, I literally don't smells the chlorine at all. Very nice product and great results for the price. Highly recommend. Update# 5 months after use Well im going to be honest the first 4-5 months of use the product was great, but it did start to reduce my water pressure to the point where i felt as if the water was just leaking out. So i decided to change the filter, Well after 1 week of using the new filter did the same exact thing. I know for a fact that my building does change the water pressure throughtout the year and i also can tell by the water quality that their are more chemicals in my water during the cold months, but for some reason during the summer they decrease the pressure and i also notice less chemical smells coming from my shower water. At this point i can no longer use this produce i guess since it reduces my water pressure to the point where its just leaking out. Now that being said the product did work great and left my skin feeling amazing and also reduce the chemical smell as well. I highly recommend this product if you have high water pressure in your house or your apartment. But sadly for me i cannot use this product no more or i guess until the cold months change and the water pressure in my building increases.
I was worried that it would decrease my water pressure to much to use but no. A slight decrease in the volume of water coming out but not much in pressure, which is to be expected. Has completed eliminated chlorine smell which was very strong. Water seems a little softer as shampoo lathers a little better and not as much white scale afterwards. Installation was easy and doesn't leak at all. Does lower the shower head about 5 inches but again they all do. Extra filter was a great bonus, very happy with the filter.
I bought two of these -- one works great -- no issues at all and the product performs as advertised. However one of my filters needed a replacement silicone O-ring after I tightened the filter a little too much (did I mention tht the O-ring is very fragile and that if damaged even slightly the filter leaks like a sieve?). I live overseas and cannot find the right size O-ring anywhere nor was I confident getting the right one from Amazon. I contacted CaptainEco customer service by email several time -- I asked for a replacement O-Ring and then, when that clearly was not going to happen, I asked them to send me the specs for the correct replacement so I can order a replacement on Amazon. I received multiple responses that they would get right back to me but so far no action -- no replacement O-ring and no one can get me the O-ring specs... so the filter sits idle on the bathroom shelf. As of today I have ordered another one from a competitor. I guess bottom line is don't over-torque the filter when installing or you will have a useless piece of gear...
Love T3 products but can get pricey. I still recommend them.
Helps out a lot and we really need this filter to get rid of all the chlorine! Try it out.
Product is excellent and has helped with the slight sulfur odor we had with water in addition to making our water soft. It is pricey, however, well worth it. I changed it once a year verses the other filters every 30 to 40 days pain in the rump. This product is great! Saves me time . Will purchase again in another 10 months.
I haven't actually used the filters yet, but they appear to be just like the ones I have used in the past. Only time and experience will tell.
Much less expensive than what we were buying and work perfectly!
Item's were NOT individualy wrapped as the description claims. Both filters were shrink wrapped together as one package. This means you must protect the spare filter (unless you will be using both at the same time) to protect it until you need it. ... Just one more thing to think about. Other than that these are great sediment filters, are worth purchasing over the comparable Pentek model, and last just as long in our water filter system.
I have well water with a high iron content. This filter has been installed for over a month and I have not had a noticeable drop in water pressure yet.
this filter has really helped with sand issues in our well. besides keeping in line filters and water softener cleaner it has mainly helped our sprinkler heads to operate clog free.
Well constructed but when using the milk thistle beads screen the scraper doesn't fit.
Pros: 1. BIG difference in water Quality! I was using hard water for about 2 months and switched over to this filter & it feels like SILK on My skin! 2. The quality exceeds the price - you get TWO filters 3. Very easy to put on! I live in an apartment & so easy to put on! 4. My skin feels so healthy No cons! I will continue to write up after a few months!
worked fine
I gave it 5 stars because I had no reason not to. After calling the Sears repair guy he mentioned that that dishwasher was already getting lime or calcium deposits, after only a year. This dishwasher only gets used twice a week, and he inferred the deposits might void the water next time. Considering the local tap water is dubious (looks like skim milk, that's how bad it is) I thought this water filter would be a good idea. It comes with plenty of spare filters - and the filters are huge. The filter elements are about the size of a paper towel roll (after it's been half used). I'd guess it will last at least a year, and probably will come apart before it clogs. This unit does cost more then similar units. But it did come with the extra hose you need. Granted, that hose would probably cost less then $10 at the hardware store, but still. It comes complete. And it comes with a one page instruction sheet, which shows you how to route the lines, and installation is simple. Just use care removing the filter element, the screws are not long so it'd be easy to rip the mount of the wall while doing it.
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