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Ocpuritech industrial water filter parts manufacturer for industry

Ocpuritech industrial water filter parts manufacturer for industry

Ocpuritech industrial water filter parts manufacturer for industry

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NO.9A, Building A8,Dongxiang Lianfa Industrial Park, Nanpu Village, Luopu Street, Panyu District ,Guangzhou
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Guangdong, Guangzhou
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Product Details
Ultrafiltration system's outstanding quality is shown in the details.Ultrafiltration system is a truly cost-effective product. It is processed in strict accordance with relevant industry standards and is up to the national quality control standards. The quality is guaranteed and the price is really favorable.
Application Scope
The Ultrafiltration system produced by Aomi can be used in many fields.Aomi could customize comprehensive and efficient solutions according to customers' different needs.
Company Advantages
1. The design of water filter parts's body frame is based on effect improvement and insufficiencies amendment.
2. Under the strict supervision of our professionals, its quality is guaranteed.
3. This product caters to the varied requirements of our customers in the industry.


The UV system is to sterilize and disinfect water through the 253.7 nm short-wave ultraviolet radiation,  to solve the problem of bacterial indicators the drinking water exceeding the standard, and make the water quality which polluted by bacteria meet exceeding the relevant national drinking water sanitation standards. 


UV system's shell uses the 304SS# stainless steel material, the main body is polished to enhance the UV irradiance. Assembling with the high purity quartz tube, matching with the Ultraviolet rays lamp tube for water treatment, strong sterilization, long lifetime, stable and reliable operation.UV system's germicidal efficacy is more than 99.99%. Lifetime exceeds 8000 hours.


The UV Water Ttreatment is the effective sterilization algaecide. It can decompose ozon,  remove organic carbon, chlorine and chloramine.


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For Industry Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Machine


We often install 55W UV Sterilizer on the Water Treatment Machine, which can help to achieve high sterilization rate.


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For Home Use Reverse Osmosis System


The 6W UV Sterilizer is very suit for whole house water purification. It can be hang on the wall and just occupy small space. Moreover, the UV System can produce bacteria free water for your family.

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Ocpuritech after-sales service
Ocpuritech after-sales service

1) We can provide the machine manual and ask our engineer to arranging installation if you need in order to solve the after-sales problem.

2) This RO machine has passed CE certification to ensure that the products sold are healthy, safe and comply with environmental protection standards.

3) We provides the strong carton to protect each machine,  which can be suitable for long-term sea transportation.

4) The fast delivery date can be reached within 1-2 weeks.

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Ocpuritech Information

1We specialized in researching water treatment equipment over 10 years.

2) We export our products to more than 30 countries.

3) Provide all needed technical drawings,( layout drawing, P&I drawing, electric drawing, etc)

4) Engineers are available to train on how to install the machine overseas.

5)  Produce over 6000 sets of equipment per year.

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Company Features
1. Guangzhou Aomi Water Purification System Manufacture Co., Ltd. is the world's leading manufacturer and marketer of quality water filter parts.
2. We have a professional sales team. Combining their years of experience, they are able to communicate with our customers and distributors to ensure that our products, services, and solutions are targeted to their needs and exceed their expectations.
3. We are fully committed to continuously challenging ourselves by improving our service approach, all to achieve our customers' goals. Ask! We bear social responsibilities. We recognize our responsibility to the environment beyond legal and regulatory requirements and are committed to reducing our environmental impact.


1)  Can I have samples for testing purpose?

Yes, we can provide 1 or 2pcs of standard residential membrane samples free of charge. And sample cost for commercial and industrial is negotiable. Normally we charge for customized samples.


2)  How long to get the samples?

Standard samples can be sent out within 3 working days, and customzied samples are available within 1-2 week.


3) Is private label acceptable?

Yes, we provide private labeling service.


4) How can I get a quotation?

Please select the exact model number from our catalog, or tell us the application and size for us to recommend the correct models. If you need custom made products, please send us more details for quotation. Meanwhile, quantity is very important to provide a competitive price.



Our Services

Exceptional Services


1) Free samples for residential membranes


2) Private labeling


3) Customization


4) Tech support and trouble shooting


5) Complete logistics service


6) Factory training and online training about sales and technical


7) Outsource manufacturing and procurement


We will be using one the first of the next month (June), and will know better how they are. The shipping was very timely, and if they meet our expectations we will purchase them again, thank you.
This family is addicted to our morning cups of coffee and insist on good quality. These filters which I have used for many months improve the flavor by making the water purer.
Does the job and is much cheaper than having to buy the disk plus the frame as sold in big box stores. This way we can replace the filters more often. Thanks!
Delivery was excellent and the product seems to be exactly what I needed and fits perfectly and the price was right. I have no complaints
Ordered from this dealer for the first time. Was well pleased when I received my water coffee filters within 2 days. Filters are packed individually and fit my filter assembly well. Thank You
These seem to be at least as good as the original product. Can not answer the durability, as I haven't use it very long but do not forsee any problems with it. Hugh savings.
This product has been a simple install and was a much-needed replacement for our Mr Coffee. The filter that came with said 12 month life, but having coffee out of it for 5 days a week every week made an impact. When we switched over to one of these new filters, it was night and day. The coffee was smooth and flavorful, but only one flavor - whatever was being brewed. Not what was brewed the day(s) before. Will definitely buy again
I never knew it was important to soak the individual filters before using and this has made a world of difference in the taste of the coffee, the longevity of the filter and my overall satisfaction with this purchase. Kudos
Nice filter kit, easy to install and it’s nice to have the water filtered. We have hard water so am sure it helps.
After having to return two different filters and searching FOREVER on the Internet for a replacement filter for my Keurig 2.0, I FINALLY found exactly what I needed with your product! I was so relieved because I was about to watch a "how to" video on using a saw to cut down the length on the wrong size filter!! Thank you for saving me the hassle, and probably a few fingers, too!
This 3 pack Waterdrop water filters work perfectly in my Samsung refrigerator and the price is much less than what I must pay locally for just one filter. I don't know yet how they measure up in the longevity aspect, but at this point I definitely would recommend them to others.
Received my order within a week. The filters were packaged nicely, no issues. Installed the new filter in my Samsung refrigerator and so far so good! I am very pleased with this purchase. Can't beat the price!
I bought this 3 pack of water filters to replace the terrible expensive ones I've been buying from Samsung. They fit perfectly and my water tastes great. I'm very pleased.
Such a great buy.
Arrived as expected. Packaged perfectly and since this is the second time I've purchased this product I'll continue to be a customer.
great product. Love the water taste. Will buy again for sure
Amazing product, already used it during this weekend on a hike that was in a remote area in the mountains! They delivered right on time (the afternoon before our departure) and it works great...Its light...no nasty after flavor...and easy to use! Great service!! A++++++++++++++
Quality of the filter components is very good, and the effort required to operate the pump is easy. Compact and lightweight....perfect for backpacking; we will use it primarily as part of our earthquake emergency supplies kit. The pre-filter is a great idea, as it lessens the amount of crud that would otherwise reach the carbon filter and the 0.01 micron filter. The pre-filter is included, so you don't need to buy it as a separate item.
I ordered the Survivor Filter PRO to add to my emergency preparedness gear. I don't expect to use the filter unless there is a disaster and I run out of stored water. I did a lot of research on several water filters, reading descriptions and reviews on Amazon, and watching YouTube demonstrations and reviews. For family water supply in an emergency, I preferred a pump style over a straw or gravity filter design. Although I also have a Sawyer straw filter and chemical treatment. Besides filtering to the finest 0.01 microns, the Survivor Filter Pro also includes a very good pre-filter on the intake tube, and a charcoal filter, meeting all of my criteria. It was also the least expensive of the pump filters I looked at, but I don't think that means it is cheaply made. One reviewer questioned the strength of the pump handle stem. It's not metal but seems sturdy enough. During my research, it seemed like every time I considered or reconsidered a particular filter, that one was the best choice. Fear of better options I guess! I had to be comfortable telling my wife and son that water from a lake would be safe to drink. I finally decided on the Survivor Filter Pro and I'm happy with that decision. No second guessing! The company has been great following up with emails to make sure I am satisfied.
Used this to filter well water along the Ausable River in Michigan. At one point the well water was yellow in color and this filter did not get get rid of the yellow tint, but did take care of the taste. It was like drinking bottled water. Very happy with my purchase, I'd recommend this product. If you bring it camping, I'd recommend an extra container to hold water so you can bring it back to camp and filter there. We used a dry bag to hold water from the pump (super compact and lightweight when not in use), and then brought the water back to camp and filtered it into water bottles.
The water that came out of this tasted great. Every one in a while you have to blow through the input house chat seventeenth from the cotton filter, but other than that it worked seamlessly. Compared to other filters I have used, you can pump much faster and harder to get a good water flow. If you go slow like you would with some other water pumps, you only get a trickle and may get frustrated, but don't be afraid to pump faster. This pump can handle it.
I wanted something simple for my section hike. Decided on this and was not disappointed. Filters great and not too heavy. I'm glad I have a filter a can count on. People are saying that the handle is flimsy, but it's really not. You're supposed to go slow when pumping the water (which is not hard because there is almost no resistance) so it's perfectly sturdy for that. The filtered water tasted like nothing, which was great and nothing came through, it was perfectly clear.
Seems like a good little unit. Took it out of the box, took it apart, put it back together again and flushed several liters of product through it. No issues... @ 71 cycles to produce a liter of water. Packed along on a 3 day trip in the Eastern Sierra and even though I really didn't need to filter the water (I've been drinking the stuff straight from the source for 45 years) due to the massive snow melt, I did cycle a few liters of water through it... No after taste that could detect. Only concern is that upon reaching home, I cycled some RO drinking water through it "just in case" to clear it and let it "dry" for most of a full day. Still, the carbon filter produced some water upon shaking it out and I even pumped some compressed air (10 psi) through it and it still sputtered out some moisture after 3 days.... Put it back in it's handy carrying case and waited a few days to check on it... Pulled it out and shook out the element and it still had some moisture in in... After 2 weeks I took another look at it was finally dry. Not sure I want that water sitting in that filter for "weeks" on end... Makes me worry just a bit about "bugs" growing in that carbon filter area while being stored. Perhaps the OEM can advise on this? Would probably purchase again given the quality and price point. We'll see how it holds up during the summer trekking schedule.
I bought this filter hoping that it would reduce the total dissolved solutes in my tap water. This filter did not reduce my total dissolved solutes to any appreciable measure. My tap water had 172ppm before filtering and 168ppm after filtering from this filter. So I would have to question if this filter is really filtering down to .001 micron. The reason I am still giving it 4 stars, is that the taste of the filtered water was drinkable, which means that it removed the chloramine from the tap water. This is a pretty big accomplishment once one considers how hard it can be to remove chloramine. My complicated counter top filter can do it and only adds 3ppm to the water. So in conclusion this filter may be good but didn’t get me my reduced ppm water, which I was hoping for. Also it would be nice if the carbon filter was openable so one would be able to refill it with there own activated carbon, but no it’s sealed and that’s the part that would always need replacing, assuming the other parts don’t break.
I pumped water out of a pretty nasty week for 4 days with this thing. The water was clear and tasted fantastic, however the pre filter clogged up badly after about a half of a liter of pumping (You can still get water, its just drops at a time). There was alot of junk in the lake and after back flushing it started functioning well again. I plan on finding something to stick the pre filter in to filter it before hand. It will keep you alive though!
These fit perfectly in my Kenmore refrigerator.
Great price, fit perfectly, arrived quickly.
Perfect fit and nicely priced. I used to buy these at the store for like $35-40 ea.
Worked out of the box, followed instructions, no weird taste or particles in the water.
Seem to be a direct replacement for original for much cheaper.
I am full time in RVs. I have three RVs each having one of these strain relief devices. I use these devices at the shore end of the hose. The water pressure where I use them never exceeds 55PSI. I have no issues with leaks on any of these. I do replace them once a year. I wonder if others who have leaks have high pressure issues. I noted one critical review said they even used pliers. I have weak grip in both hands and I use only my hands in work gloves to tighten the connection.
Friday Night Lights is easily the most captivating book I have read in a while. Following the 98 season of the Permian Panthers, Friday Night Lights is a story about a town with deep seated issues and the unfortunate realities of high school sports. This book can be heartbreaking, heartwarming and is one of the most fascinating things I have ever read. Even if you aren't a fan of sports, I highly recommend that you read this book.
I enjoyed the book even though it was a best seller years ago. Bissinger gives a great historical lesson of the Texas High School football scene intertwined with the economics of the 1980’s. A great read for any football enthusiast
xa0Easy to set up and a good size for the price. I actually got this for my dogs--it's the perfect height to allow them to actually swim and a big enough size where they can swim in laps. Big enough that on a hot day I could get in with them if I wanted. For some reason, the shipment came with an empty box inside the bigger box. It was taped shut and everything, but contained nothing. It doesn't seem to be missing anything we needed, though, so it may have just been to fill space in the box... I think my favorite thing about this pool is that it emphatically demands a level surface, but then the photo in the listing shows a pool that is clearly sitting on a very sloped surface. Our parking pad out back is ever so slightly sloped, but close enough to level...and the pool is still standing so far... I did end up ordering the filter for it, but haven't installed it, yet.
Good sturdy material holds up well with my crazy dog jumping in an out I was able to put it up myself in about 25 mins an although my yard is a bit unlevel a few stones under 1 legs fixed that I also attached a pump th...it s was well worth the price an made my dog the envy of neighborhood pups
Good replacement
Works perfectly.
Good for the price. Turn water off to your house or you will have a FLOOD
Great price
They are just like my old filter but coast less.
Easy to install; the only hitch was that the directions said to remove the old filter by turning it counter clockwise - even though the accompanying graphic showed the arrow pointing clockwise. The graphic was correct, it is clockwise. Anyway, this is a very good buy, as GE charges $44 for ONE filter, and this is a pack of three for $33.
Shipping was amazingly FAST! I actually installed it myself as soon as it came, and NO LEAKS whatsoever. I made sure I checked for the 'O' ring that sometimes dislodges with the filter, it didn't, I was glad for that. The water tastes great, no problems with it at all, installed like a breeze. I hadn't realized that the reason my Ice Maker was not producing was because of the filter needing replacement. All of a sudden..TONS of Ice! I am VERY HAPPY! So glad that I took the chance on an unfamiliar brand -excellent product, and I saved a bundle. Do not hesitate to get this, I promise you, if these filters were bad, I'd be here warning you to steer clear! :)
This appears to be a much less expensive alternative to the GE MWF filters I have been buying forever. It has the same NSF testing certification (the Advanced version), fits exactly, and even comes with stickers to put on it as a reminder of the change month. So far, after an hour, I would buy again.
This was exactly as ordered. Easy to install. Works just like the more expensive brands. Happy to have a back up in the cabinet ready to go instead of procrastinating until the water pressure is down to a trickle - lol!
They fit GE model GNE25JSKFFSS water/ice filtration system. First round of ice cubes were grey but that doesn’t seem unusual for a filter like this, issue quickly resolved itself and it’s business as usual now.
work great
Good purchase
So let me start out with a $200 lesson learned: There is no way to allow audio through the USB channel but not through the monitor. I clean up mic input via software (sound floors), but using this as a "sort-of" DAC means I constantly hear everything the mic picks up even though that's not what is recording on the computer. Now, if that is a feature you require, the MG12XU does offer it, but I only found that out after extreme research after purchasing the MG10XU and procrastinating on setting it up for far too long. Now, luckily I still get the intended use out of the board because I bought it to use with a second PC for streaming and will use a Scarlet 2i2 for my gaming computer. So just be careful if you are looking for a fully-featured board to replace your DAC (and you don't want to hear every little thing your mic picks up), you need to go up to the MG12XU for that. Just be aware that the MG12XU is MUCH MUCH larger than the two additional channels would make you think. The board itself is phenomenal. Running my mic (AT2035) through this board cleaned up some sound issues I was having with the Scarlet 2i2 (USB phantom power devices can be problematic, and it's usually your computer's fault). The mixers and effects have a noticeable impact, and the changes seem to be relative to the knob. My use case is sort of limited, but for my purposes it is an excellent device.
Super great in every way. I have no regrets with having bought this. I wish it had the Tronsmart Bluetooth adapter built in, but it's easy enough to add one for $20, and then this can talk to Bluetooth speakers, too, or get input from an Android DJ station, which is what my phone becomes when I'm using this.
We bought this one to try karaoke with our amp system. Turn out it is pretty good. Wish this one has the DAC to connect to digital out from TV.
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