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Ocpuritech professional well water sediment filter factory for medicine

Ocpuritech professional well water sediment filter factory for medicine

Ocpuritech professional well water sediment filter factory for medicine

Brand Name
Place of origin
Guangzhou, China
CE certification
OEM/ODM Availability
Start Port
25pcs/ carton
Payment Terms
TT; Western Union, Paypal, L/C, Money Gram
Delivery way
5-7 work days
PP melt-blown filter cartridge,pp pleated filter cartridge
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Enterprise Strength
  • Aomi strives to provide professional services to meet customer demand and create great value for customers.
Company Advantages
1. Ocpuritech well water sediment filter is under constant control in terms of health, safety, and environmental protection standards, as evidenced by the CE certificate issued.
2. The product features good filter fineness. The filter elements such as the filter membranes have amazing impurities absorption capacity to enhance the filtering effect.
3. The product has an excellent and precise filtration effect. The reverse osmosis technique only allows the hydrone and dissolved oxygen to get through and excludes out sands, pesticide, bacteria, and heavy metals.
4. By using this product, the chances of errors will be greatly reduced. This will contribute to the reduction in production costs due to human error.

Most water purifiers use a PP filter cartridge for the first stage of the filter element. The first stage of the filter element is not only directly affects the water quality but also affects the subsequent secondary or tertiary filtration effect and the life of the filter element. Therefore, the quality of PP filter is especially important for water purifiers.

Product Description

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PP filter cartridge uses food-grade polypropylene as raw material with the process of hot melting spray, traction, and winding.

It is constructed of a loosened layer, compacted layer and precise layer to ensure highly efficient filtration performance.

It can remove some impurities like suspended substances, particles and rust effectively.

Ocpuritech can provide stable available PP filter cartridge for our customer, 10”20” or 40” with different microns like 5micron, 10mciron,20micron, and 1micron.

Besides, we also make customized PP melt blown filter cartridge as per customer’s requested.

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Large flow rate
corrosion resistance
high-pressure resistance
low cost

What are the main features for our PP filter cartridge?

PP filter cartridge uses food-grade polypropylene as raw material with the process of hot melting spray, traction, and winding. It is constructed of the loosened layer, compacted layer and precise layer to ensure highly efficient filtration performance. PP  filter core is uniform and dense, filtration precision It can remove some impurities like suspended substances, particles and rust effectively. The bigger apertures of the pores have sufficient space to hold larger particulates, smaller apertures stop smaller particulates, ensuring high filtration efficiency and increasing service lifespan. The service of a lifespan of PP filter cartridge is 3 to 6 months.

PP Type: Three kinds of PP can be supplied. Such as:

             Flat PP Filter

             Needle Punched PP Filter

             Embossed PP Filter

In addition, this three kinds of PP has various length like 10”,20”,30” and 40” with different microns such as 1 micron, 5 microns, 10 microns, 20 microns, 50 microns, and 100 microns.

Besides these PP filter cunts as a weight like 100g,105g,100g,115g,120g,130g so on. We can make customized weight as per buyer’s request.

PP filter is measured by Inner dia and outer dia. So generally ID range is 28-30mm, OD range is 60-63mm for all sizes of PP.

What benefits for our PP filter cartridge?

★ Our pp filter has high fiber density and good hardness. If the filter element is squeezed hard, it will not be pinched. Even if you are an adult standing on the filter, it will not be significantly deformed and the filtration effect will be 99%. 

★ Needle-punched PP cotton increases the surface area of clean water and increases the amount of dirt. The surface of the groove is more likely to cause the impurities to fall off without sticking to the PP filter, which also improves the service life of the PP filter to some extent. 

★ Ocpuritech is a filter cartridge production manufacture that provides the lowest and cheapest price directly to the clients.

Noted for using PP filter:

The PP filter is the first stage of the water purifier. More than 80% of the impurities will be filtered in the first stage pp filter cartridge and the more impurities are filtered, the more easily the filter is clogged, In areas with poor water quality, it may take more than two months to replace the filter element. In order to avoid secondary pollution of the water purifier and affect the filtration effect of the filter element behind it, it is recommended to replace the filter element every 3-6 months.

Product Details

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1  Water treatment 
2 PCB industry
3  Pre RO/ID water filtration
4 Chemicals, solvents
5 Plating solution
6 Electronic Industry
7 Petrochemical Process

8 Filtering for Food & Beverage

PP filter cartridge is widely used in industrial water treatment, household machines, etc. PP filter is required as the first stage of pretreatment. It is a link that cannot be removed during the pretreatment process. If the RO system is not equipped with a PP filter, the raw water directly enters the RO membrane. Excessive particles, precipitates, microorganisms, and bacterial viruses that are not treated will block in the RO membrane, and the life of the RO membrane will be shortened, which will also affect the quality of the final water.

Application of PP filter:

10 inch PP filter is generally used in household machines, such as RO household machines and ultrafiltration household machines.

20-inch PP filter is generally used in RO commercial machines and small-flow RO industrial machines.

30-inch or 40-inch PP filter is placed in a precision filter for high-flow industrial equipment.

It can also be applied to pre-treatment machine or filter separately for all sizes of PP filter.

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Company Features
1. Guangzhou Aomi Water Purification System Manufacture Co., Ltd. has numerous sales outlets and production bases around the world.
2. Guangzhou Aomi Water Purification System Manufacture Co., Ltd. has technical personnel who have junior degree.
3. You will surely find something interesting in Ocpuritech water treatment. Get quote! Guangzhou Aomi Water Purification System Manufacture Co., Ltd. strives to become the first brand in world's well water sediment filter market. Get quote! To function as a front-runner of water filter cartridges business is the objective of Guangzhou Aomi Water Purification System Manufacture Co., Ltd.. Get quote! Guangzhou Aomi Water Purification System Manufacture Co., Ltd.'s wish is to be a dependable long-term supplier of clients whole house water filter cartridge . Get quote!
Great product
Buy this one and not the less expensive model. Reason is this one removes chlorine and the other doesn't.
Fit and works fine.
takes the chlorine out
Just what we needed
Lots of sediment in our water supply. This stops all that "stuff" from getting in my hw tank, water softener, my shut off valves and faucets, etc. Flushed my HW tank after installing this and got lots of "stuff" out. I'll flush it again in a couple of months and compare but based on what I see in the filter, this traps it all. 2 people in a 2 bdrm house, normal usage, I'm getting about 3 to 4 months on a filter. Amazon sells replacement filters for a reasonable cost (Culligan P5-D Level 4 5 Micron Sediment Filtration 2 Pack Replacement) which works/fits just fine. No need to buy the really expensive filters in my mind. I paid a plumber to install it but it's pretty basic plumbing...nothing fancy and easy to install. I also bought the optional bracket which made it lots easier. A good value and it works fine. I'll recover the cost by extending the life of my HW tank alone
A very nice product and easy to work with. But be sure to get the correct screen size. I went with the 50 micron, but should probably have gone with 100 micron. It was only intended to filter out sediments before reaching my taps, but the 50 micron clogs up a bit too quick. But overall, a very nice product.
Next time I would get less restrictive mesh screen. Water pressure is too low.
I bought one of these 2 years ago and it leaked at the female fitting where you attach the pipe. After a lot of gunk, teflon thread and anger, it still leaked. I learned that at least one side was a hose thread, close to a pipe thread but not close enough that it didn't leak. (Pipe thread is slightly tapered, hose is not.) I returned it and am now shopping for another for a rental house. Culligan ad now says pipe threads on both ends--did they change it or is it still hose on one end? Anybody know? By the way, if you check that the large o-ring in the top is properly mounted, you do not need to attach the body to the top very tightly. Hand tight is plenty and it's then much easier to remove body to change filters.A little silicone lube on the o-ring also helps.
DOES NOT COME WITH FILTER. I just received the housing today, so i have no opinion on how well the products works. Just wanted to say for others that might miss it in Description (like I did); be sure to go ahead and purchase the filter insert too. And i will say it is larger than i thought it would be.
Giving it 5 stars because it works. Clogs in 5 minutes, but that's my well. Going to try adding a disk filter to pre-treat it.
installed and working. No problems experienced.
ok fair price, lets see how they hold up
I use these filter cartridges in my Watts Whole House filter canisters in the basement of my house as shown by my attached picture. As one can see, I built two in series where the 1st one is the "sediment" filter and the 2nd one is the "carbon" filter. They both fit in the canisters perfectly and work perfectly as I consistently get about 68 psi of water pressure! The Aqua-Pure filters here really remove a lot of sediment very well, I love 'em and highly recommend 'em.
We have been pleased with the Aqua Pure Filter System, for the past 10 years. Usually change the filter once each year, with our private deep well pump. These AP110 Filters are no longer carried by our local plumbing suppliers, so grateful to find on Amazon. Will definitely order again. Recommended.
Not what I needed
Works great
There are no installation instructions, however, and before I actually put it in, I really want to know if I can do so on a vertical run of pipe or if it has to be a horizontal run. That doesn't take way from it being an absolutely rock-solid (feeling) inline strainer, though.
Works good.
Nice filter water taste great but leaks carbon into water system.
I was paying a lot more at a big box store for our water filters. These perform exactly the same and are at a great price point. Will definitely order more of these!
Was delivered on time. I installed this 1 micron filter after a 5 micron filter in a 3-stage setup in transparent casings so I can visually observed performance. So far the 5 micron is turning brown (rusty water) and the downstream 1 micron is still whitish. No conclusion yet!
Worked great.
Arrived quickly and seems to be holding up well.
Good filters delivered as promised.
This 1 micron filter last just as long as the carbon filters we had used. Good value for our well water.
Used these for the last 2 years in my collagen big blue whole house system.
My wife and I moved into a new house and bought a brilliant humidifier for our bedroom. In order to protect the unit from damage, we created plans to buy a filter and install in the second bathroom and we found this type of filter at Amazon. Small and effective! I like the clear plastic housing so that I can see what's going on inside the filter. The installation is straightforward because I am a relatively mechanically capable guy. If the kit had the right connectors, it would be an absolutely top notch. Other than that, I am extremely happy with this unit. I have a deep well that is roughly 300’ deep with casing going down about 80 in my garden. I was picking up small trash from time to time which would block my sprayer nozzle. Later I plan to buy another one 40 microns for outside watering garden, lawn, & washing auto. I hope the filter will be functioning as expected.
xa0I was skeptical at first about buying an off-brand filter but now I glad I had. I decided to save money and paid $29.99 just to buy ones that worked for my kitchen. Only installed a few weeks ago but no apparent problems.
I have a problem with water coming into my crawl space whenever there's heavy rain storm and I would have to use a utility water pump to remove the shallow water off the crawl space. However, I go through replacing so many utility water pumps because they stop working after a year or so and I didn't realize until recently it's probably because there are sediments and dirt in my crawl space, which gets trapped inside the utility pump motor. As you can see in the picture, I attached this filter to the utility water pump and I couldn't believe how much sediments and dirt it was filtering out from getting into the water pump. I'm very happy with this product and this will save me a lot of money for prolonging the life of the utility water pump. I was happy to see that it has rubber o-ring inside, making it water tight. Hope this helps and let me know if this has been of any help so I know and feel free to ask if you have any questions. Thank you!
I purchased two for my powerwashing teailer I filled the tank and let sit for little over a hr and no leak must have for any powerwasher
Good product, good vendor, good transaction. These are good, but my Culligan filter is probably a 9.75 or 9.5". I actually have to saw 1/2 off the end of these and they work fine.
We are on well water and this filter seems to work as it should to keep sediment out of the water.
no problems
Had to reseal the fittings. Once we stopped the leak it worked great. We have well water so we actually used this for the washing machine hose
Fine quality, great price. Works well, easy install for those that are attentive to detail.
so far so good
While installing a water softener I added this filter before it. The water is much cleaner and it is trapping a lot of particles from the city water supply. We can see there is almost nonexistent sediments left behind in the kitchen and bathroom sinks. The color of the filter after a month of use tells me where those sediments are getting trapped. Excellent value.
Works like a Charm! Excellent upgrade from my old Whirlpool whole house filter which was an absolute pain in the @%#@$!% to change the filter. Changing the filter on this one is a cake walk!
I've used two of these housings on my house watering system since 1995. About 2005 one of the shut off innards failed due to a build up of minerals from our hard city water. During all these years I have never had any leak issues at all and can't understand why reviewers would have such a problem. I've been very happy with the performance of these units and will certainly continue using them.
One the best water filters I have purchased. I use them in a commercial environment to stop sediment going into our ice machines. Surprisingly it catches more than I thought it would stuff I didn't even know was in our water.
Ordered 3 units. 2 of the 3 units did have issues with the brass inserts on both the inlet and outlet. I ended up having to use liquid teflon to stop the leaks. I used both nylon and brass fittings and neither of them with traditional teflon tape would seal. I even tried the dark gray extra thick teflon tape and that didnt help either. I do like the simple design of the filter housing. Another issue with one of the units was that water kept leaking from one of the relief caps. After further inspection I found a tiny pin hole where the little cap screws onto the relief hole. I fixed it by tapping the relief hold with a screw and thread lock. After about the 5th time hooking everything up with different sealant methods there were no leaks. I've had them running for about 3 weeks now and have not noticed any leakage. I did replace a filter and used the "twist off cap" relief valve and had no issues. No leakage after reinstalled. The mounts are plastic so you will get some wiggle when maintenanceing them. Will update in the future if any issues arise. I do think if they removed the brass and just tapped the plastic it would be a better item and maybe get the 5 stars. From experience with other higher end units, the plastic threaded heads tend to seal a lot better. Also: I would have bought 2 of the dual units if they were available at the time and ran 4 filters. For $25 bucks each you cant beat that.
Clean water now fast shipping. Thank You
Works great. As far as I can tell it filters the water as stated.
Reasonably priced 5 micron sediment filters. They work well removing fine sediment and sand from our well water. They seem to be a little smaller in diameter then the last ones I purchased.
large size but claims it will last a year
Came in a timely fashion. Best filter to use.
Water tastes much better with this new filter. Change filter every six months.
Keep your in sinker story cool waster clean, priced right so change them iften
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