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Ocpuritech reverse osmosis drinking water system personalized for food industry

Ocpuritech reverse osmosis drinking water system personalized for food industry

Ocpuritech reverse osmosis drinking water system personalized for food industry

Brand Name
Place of origin
Guangzhou, China
Delivery time
7-15 work days
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CE certification
OEM/ODM Availability
Payment term
TT; Western Union, Paypal, L/C, Money Gram
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Company Advantages
1. The materials used in Ocpuritech reverse osmosis drinking water system is up to the food grade requirement. The materials are sourced from suppliers who all hold food safety certifications in dehydrating equipment industry. The most advanced RO membrane is adopted in Ocpuritech Water Treatment System
2. It is promoted in the field due to strong applicability. Low consumption of Ocpuritech machines can help you save your cost
3. Since our professional quality control personnel track the quality throughout the production process, the product is guaranteed to have zero defects. Ocpuritech Water Treatment System enjoy long service time
4. The product has high reliability, good performance and low cost. Water treatment system can be applied into a wide variety of places, like laboratory, hospital,etc

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product description

The semi-permeable membrane for reverse osmosis applications consists of a thin film of polymeric material a fraction of a millimeter thick cast on a fabric support. Industrial RO membranes have high water permeability and a high degree of semi-permeability.

The lifespan of the membrane depends on the chemical stability of the membrane, the physical stability of the component, the clean ability, the influent water source, the pretreatment, the cleaning frequency, and operational management level.According to economic analysis, it is usually more than 2 years.

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product advantages
1 Low design cost and short lead time
2. High-end specification with durability
3.The use of the most advanced RO membrane
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Flow Chart
Raw water pump --sand filter--manganese filter --carbon filter --softener --precision filter--High pressure pump-- RO system-- UV sterilizer




Raw water pump

provide the pressure to quartz sand filter/active carbon filter

sand filter

get rid of turbidity, suspended matter, organic matter, colloid, ect.

manganese filter

Remove  Iron and manganese

activate carbon filter

Remove the color, free chloride, organic matter, harmful matter, ect.


exchange "ions" of calcium and magnesium with the most common and easiest method

precision filter

prevent large particles, bacteria, viruses into RO membrane, accuracy is 5um

High pressure pump

Provide the high pressure to RO membrane

RO system

main part of the plant. The RO membrane's desalting rate can reach 99%, removing over 99% ions

UV sterilizer

kill bacteria





220V/50Hz,220V/60Hz,Single phase





Membrane Qty


Temp of raw water


Feed Water Pressure

1-5 bar

Raw water TDS


Application raw water

Tap water,Brackish water,Sea water

Raw water pump:


RO Membrane


Item name


Raw water pump


The pipe of raw water pump


FRP Tank


up and down water distributor


Pressure gauge


control valve

Engineering plastics



RO Membrane housing


Pure Flow meter

Plexiglas Panel

waste Flow meter

Plexiglas Panel

Conductivity meter

engineering plastics

Pressure switch


inlet valve


flush valve


Regulating valve


UV sterilizer


Electronic control system

air switch.electric relay.contractor.switch.LED

control box

SS304 /Mild Steel




UPVC 3/4''

product details

Front view
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NCP raw water pump and high pressure pump, stainless steel good quality and long lasting

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Back view
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Good brand Vontron Membrane with high quality FRP membrane housing can keep lasting 2-3 years,remove 90 to 99.99% of the dissolved impurities that reside in your water

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Electronic control system:air switch.electric relay.alternating current contractor.switch.LED

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Precision filter:add filter cartridge to protect membrane and extend membrane service life

purchase related accessories

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FRP tank

Ocpuritech reverse osmosis drinking water system personalized for food industry-11                


Ocpuritech reverse osmosis drinking water system personalized for food industry-12                

Multiport Valve

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Ocpuritech reverse osmosis drinking water system personalized for food industry-14                

high pressure pump

Ocpuritech reverse osmosis drinking water system personalized for food industry-15                

Membrane Housing

Ocpuritech reverse osmosis drinking water system personalized for food industry-16                

CTO filter cartridge

Ocpuritech reverse osmosis drinking water system personalized for food industry-17                

string wound filter cartridge

Ocpuritech reverse osmosis drinking water system personalized for food industry-18                

UV sterilizer

Ocpuritech reverse osmosis drinking water system personalized for food industry-19                

PP filter cartridge

Consumable list and replace time




Service life


sand filter

Quartz sand



manganese filter




activate carbon filter

Activated carbon







precision filter


3-6 months


RO membrane

Vontron/Dow/CSM etc;



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Pursuing beauty is human nature. Women are particularly prominent. People's demands for beauty continue to increase. Therefore, the industrial status of cosmetics cannot be shaken. RO membrane water purification systems provide water protection for cosmetics.

Product packaging


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CE certificate


CE certificate is a certification mark that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA).

 The CE marking is also found on products sold outside the EEA, This makes the CE certificate recognizable worldwide even to people who are not familiar with the European Economic Area. It is in that sense similar to the FCC Declaration of Conformity used on certain electronic devices sold in the United States.

Our water treatment system and water treatment accessories all have been certificated by CE and provide 1-year warranty, many clients are very recognized for the quality of our products, we are your trusted partners, contact us now!

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Company Features
1. With great popularity in market for our reverse osmosis system cost, Guangzhou Aomi Water Purification System Manufacture Co., Ltd. has grown to be a leading enterprise in this trade. Guangzhou Aomi Water Purification System Manufacture Co., Ltd. is especially prominent in terms of technological and scientific capacities.
2. Guangzhou Aomi Water Purification System Manufacture Co., Ltd. has abundant technical foundation.
3. water treatment companies is made by our best technology. reverse osmosis drinking water system is the core concept of Guangzhou Aomi Water Purification System Manufacture Co., Ltd.'s pursuit. Please contact.
We have a rescue dog that we think is mixed Bichon Frise/Maltese & the red stains around her eyes made her look like a raccoon. We didn't want to use anything with an antibiotic in it either & we liked the fact that this has all natural ingredients. It took a few weeks of using 1/2 the dose in her morning meal & 1/2 in the evening meal, & we are delighted with the results. We continued using it everyday.
This product is amazing! My little Havanese / Maltese had the worst staining around her eyes. I would clean her eyes and with in 10 minutes it would be back, I couldn't keep up with it, so it stained her hair and I couldn't find anything that would clean the stains. Eventually the staining ran under her eyes and down the sides of her face, she looked very neglected and sad. This came up in a search and it didn't have antibiotics in it and was a natural supplement, so I tried it. That was a month ago and now when her eyes run they don't leave stains. The stained hair is gone and she doesn't look as though her eyes are bleeding. She is happy that I don't have to wash her eyes so much and I am so happy to see her pretty face and beautiful eyes without the stains. I really works, just be consistent. Thank you for this wonderful product!!!!
I haven’t seen any changes so far. ????
Been using just a half a scoop for my puppy in the am and it works great!
The paper lid on the container was open and the bottle was half empty. Have not used it yet to comment if the product works
The only product that removes the dark tear staining. He still gets eye discharge, but no staining anymore.
Very happy with this canister! I am in the service industry and need water to stay cold until I am finished for the day. As part of my daily routine, I fill this guy up with ice and add water before leaving it sitting in a hot vehicle throughout the day. Not once have I encountered lukewarm water after 18+hrs of 180degree temps inside a parked vehicle. One time I left ice water in it for a week inside a 72degree environment and it was still cold when I drank it. The screw off cap is a mega plus.
I love this! I needed something bigger so I meet my water intake. Call me lazy, but I couldn’t stand filling my bottle 6 times a day to meet my gallon goal. I fill this twice and boom! I am done. Since I received this growler, I have had a gallon of water a day! The cup is super handy to give a drink of water to my kiddos without them backwashing into my bottle! I have bought a second one already!
This has been a summer fav!! I leave it in my car and even in the heat the water is still cold when I get it out!! IMPRESSIVE!!! And I love the cup feature because I can share!!
This is an amazing product!! So well made, looks great and is so practical! Water, coffee, beer... Check, check, check. What more could you ask for? We recently took this on our trip to Jackson, the Tetons and Yellowstone. The water stayed cold the.whole.day. of driving around and site seeing. Can't wait to fill it up at one of our local breweries and get a different type of use out of it!
I purchased this solenoid for a fertilizer injection system in my orchard irrigation operation. It worked perfectly for 5 cycles (It is on for 45 minutes every 12 hours or so), then it got stuck closed. Applying power did nothing but heat up the housing. I ended up taking it apart and physically freeing the plunger. It is now working ok (2 cycles later), but my confidence is shaken. It is being fed by a gravity flow hose out of a 250 gal tote containing 4-10-10-0.25%Zn liquid fertilizer. The unit does not appear corroded in the least (I wouldn't expect that with a stainless steel body). Do you have any suggestions?
Must have presure behind flow . It drains very slow with gravity drain.
I love my water bottle! I got it because I was biking a lot longer distances in the summer and my smaller water bottle wasn't cutting it. The spout is a good size for drinking out of and not feeling like it will spill on you, and the loop gives you something to hold onto so you can use it one handed.
When we built our house 10 years ago we selected the everpure instant hot water system, when the heater died we switched to the waste king/anaheim Anaheim AH-1300. Now the EV9000 hot cold dispenser was leaking even with the valves turned off. In lieu of buying another $350 everpure we went with this unit. The hardest part of install was removing the old unit. The existing hole in granite countertop was sufficient and the hot water tank only needed a hose fitting removed to mate up to this unit (it is spelled out in the instructions to remove the existing hose fitting). This unit was about an inch taller than the everpure and resembles it without being quite as sleek. But the value is indisputable. Only time will tell if this unit holds up well, my only concern is longevity of this unit, as it is unknown at this point.
Great item, fit 3 filter housing great, don't forget to buy screws, it doesn't come with
I was looking for a growler to carry in a motorcycle saddle bag. This one comes very close to being perfect for the task. It didn't leak when laid down, and kept the beer cold for my 30 min trip. Unfortunately, the top "cup" and cap are not insulated, and sweat. It is a good upgrade from my other non-insulated growlers. Just wish I had room to keep it vertical. If it were completely insulated, it would get 5 stars, and my highest recomendation. The rest of its construction is top notch!
The flow is a little on the low side but for my needs that was O/K. I use it on a air tank drain and it does the job well.
This is a very good unit for the price. I am very happy that I purchased this product. I like the separate hot and cold water handles, plus the fact that you have to press down on the hot water handle and push the lever down to activate the hot water. With the prior Everhot unit, I had purchased a replacement faucet which cost over $500. The Everhot unit leaked when we were in Greece, so I purchased a Anaheim AH-1300. Once I received the AH-1300 from Amazon, I discovered that the $500 Everhot faucet would not work with the AH-1300 unit that I just purchased. So I checked on Amazon and found this RH-F560-BN for $80. There is a huge difference in quality from the $500 Everhot unit and the $80 faucet (and I suppose this justifies the price differential). But I am still happy because the $80 Ready Hot unit suits all of our needs right now. And it works with the AH-1300 unit.
The Timber Line 64oz growler has been such a great addition to our lives that we ordered a second one (more for trips to breweries). We use our growlers for water when we are at kids sports and need refills or just for myself when spending all day at a field. They keep water cold and the top doubling as a cup is AMAZING!! It also is awesome for trips to the local breweries as it keeps the beer cold for us to enjoy it later at home. We LOVE our Timber Line Growlers!
This product is awesome and the customer service is exceptional. First of all, it keeps my drinks so cold I’m amazed. That alone is worth more than I would have imagined. Three days after filling it with ice, there is still ice in the jug keeping my water cold. Incredible. Customer service is speedy and responsive. Questions are answered and issues are resolved. They are terrific.
I love this insulated growler. I use it for beer fills at my favorite local brewery, for water when hiking, and coffee when camping. It keeps cold things cold and hot things hot for hours! The cup is super convenient and the growler is very well made.
Very good product. My dog's tear stains are gone.
My puppy has had this for about a week and her stain is a lot lighter. I learned about this product when I met a lady with a white pomeranian in the park. The pom has no stain and really beautiful white fur. She said she uses this, and it cleared everything up within the month. And the best thing is everything is natural, no antibiotics. I'm so glad I found this and did not go with Angel Eyes.
Not only did my Westie's staining disappear over the course of using the first container (initially bought at an expensive pet boutique), the itching and biting and licking have subsided.This pup is T-shirt and cone-free for the first time in TWO years! She looks pretty again, but, for her, the real immediate effect of consuming this product was that she no longer scratches her sides and back raw! .I am a holistic health coach, myself, and knew about the healing effects of Pau D'Arco and Olive Leaf Extract for people, but I never thought of it for dogs. When I began seeing these results, I researched and found that dogs, indeed, could take Pau D'arco for itching. In combination with other anti-inflammatory herbal supplements from the vet that she takes, my girl has greatly improved and has become virtually cone-free without any pharmaceuticals! Yay! Amazon has a great price, too! I would, however, pay the $20 I initially spent at the pet boutique to get these results. I simply put this in her food and she gobbles it up!
I have a Havanese with off-white color fur. I wash her eyes daily. While she never developed red discoloration under her eyes there are very noticeable brown tear streaks there, with 1 eye significantly wetter than the other to the point of there are brown stains on 1 side of her muzzle also. I started feeding her this about a month ago, I am noticed last week that her face is not as brown as it used to get on the bad side. There are area of stained brown fur right from the inside corners of her eyes is now a lot smaller, and her muzzle has minimal brown stains. I am very skeptical of this when I bought this. I had tried a similar product from a different brand that didn't see to do anything so I didn't expect much. I am pleasantly surprised at the result. I attached a picture of her worse side, as you can see there are still a little tear stain, it's not perfect, but it improved significantly and good enough for me considering it is a natural product. Just don't expect a completely clean face.
i'd hoped for faster improvement, even though i was giving about half the amount recommended. the stuff is bitter, and i ended up having to cup the powder in a ball of liverwurst or the dog starved herself, refusing the 'dog' food i mixed it with (homemade chicken stew). however, at the end of one canister, i can definitely see improvement. it isn't like the yeast quit and moved on, but it's definitely a prettier face i'm looking at.going to try adding a homeopathic for yeast (candida) into the daily mix. hadn't thought of it till yesterday when she got stung by a bumblebee and the apis mel worked wonders for her.
I'm on my second container and it really does work. When Charlie (our cavalier/bichon mix) stayed with our family when we went out of town I forgot to pack it and when we got back I did see a difference. It helps a lot with eye boogers and staining. I will definitely continue to purchase.
Easy to hold, the plastic cap feels really durable. I was hesitant to get a metal water bottle because the water always tastes metallically to me, but I don't get any taste like that with this one. I use it to make sure I'm getting my daily water amount and the water stays cold all day long, even I forget it in my car.
For me this is a retrofit on to an (ISE the major american competitor) system. The lever/handle stays down until lifted and keep pouring out hot water. Just had to cap one line (Faucet Return) from the hot water tank I kept (it had three ports: Feed, Outlet, Faucet Return). Easy enough to mount, secure, works. The brand name versions are way too $$$ expensive to replace, so I went a different route. The handle does have a safety lock in the off (closed/up) position. I wanted to mount it with the handle on the left, this is not possible given its design (the handle would have rotated back instead of forward).
The water bottle arrived on time, very well packed. It is very well made and is large, 64 ounces but will come in handy for warm day in central AZ hikes when water is absolutely a necessity and not much else needs to be carried. I assume it will be on the heavy side, but I did purchase a holder for the bottle which should make the task of holding it somewhat easier. Again, great quality , good seller.
I got the 64 oz. growler because I drink a lot of water and I'm always packing several bottles every time I go somewhere. This one holds enough for most of my fishing trips or cutting firewood. Just a half dozen cubes of ice and it stays cool on even the hottest days in the sun. The lid unscrews and flips out of the way for sipping. And when my backwashing little boy wants a drink I can unscrew the whole top and let him drink out of the cup.
Love this water bottle keep water cold and keeps ice all day. I work in a factory that get hot. This has kept me in nice cold water from 6 in morning until 6 at night. Love fact that very top unscrews to make easy to drink out of.
I bought this faucet to replace a "hot only" when we added reverse osmosis. It is the best. The handles operate with a smooth, luxury feel. I don't know how to describe it better but there is no way you can get a better faucet by spending more. I've had in installed for about 6 weeks and it has operated flawlessly. Another neat thing regarding installation: It has a folding bottom plate so you fold it, push the plate through the hole in your counter, then pull the nylon handles and the plate opens up and you can screw it in from the top! No crawling under the sink or need for a faucet wrench. Then you simply push the hoses through the top and bottom plates and the faucet attaches to those plates from the top with an allen screw. I left the allen screw for the top of the faucet a little loose so my wife can fill a glass or pot while it rests on the counter then rotate the spout back over the sink. Yes, this faucet if perfect for reverse osmosis and our reverse osmosis ready instant hot tank. Some companies hound you for a review but this company never did. I was filling a glass of water and thought I had to write this review so I looked up my past orders to write it. I can't say enough good things about it. You will love it too.
I got this to replace an old plastic handled Insinkerator unit. The hardest part of the installation was the removal of the old unit. This unit uses a folding base clamp that you drop in from the top and screw tight before mounting the faucet/spout unit. Way easier than using a sink wrench on your back. Plastic push-on fittings are a must, but readily available at any hardware store. Faucet handles stay on for filling and feel substantial. A good product.
To my amazement, this product worked perfectly. Our Havanese mix rescue had persistent bright red tear stains that no wipe or fluid could defeat. within two weeks of starting this product, they were reduced to a small amount of dark gray tear stains. They are now gone. Completely. Gone.
When my dog first came to me, the hair under her eyes was dark brown and her paws were beige/tan. A bath helped, but she was clearly "stained". She gets one scoop every morning. This is a product you have to commit to. It will reduce the stains and he'll keep them away. I like this product better than others because it doesn't have antibiotics.
Our English Bulldog has hardly any tear stains and I contribute that to this product! When he we stopped the product for a while I noticed a big difference in the red yeast production. Just wish the container was bigger or filled all the way. Disappointed with how much is in the container.
Happy to have found this product. Stains on our bichon’s paws and chin have disappeared.
Like it a lot better than angel eyes. At least I know its more natural. We add it every morning for our pup and it has helped quite a bit with the tear spots
product was affordable, worked good..
Works like a charm!!!
This contains macadamia oil. Macadamia is toxic to dogs, paralyzes and kills them. I wonder how safe this is actually for dogs knowing it has macadamia oil.
Works well
Works pretty good.
Might be better to stick to the natural remedies for this. Fast shipping.
My maltese started getting really bad eye stains as she grew out of her puppy stage, so I went to my local MudBay store and asked what would help. They suggested I try this powder on her food. I like the extensive process MudBay goes through with each product before carrying it, so I decided to try this; and I've been pretty happy overall. It has definitely cleared up quite a bit of her staining, keeping her face and paws much whiter than before. My Mom even noticed that my doggy looked whiter and asked if I had just given her a bath. Nope; I had just been using this for only about 1-2 weeks so pretty good I think. I like that it's all natural too. I spoil my pups. I'm almost done with my first little tub and she's not 100% clear of stains, so I wouldn't give it a 5 out of 5 for amazing-ness, but it is darn close :) I just bought more of this on Amazon!
This is by far my favorite carry bottle! Keeps ice water cold all day long, even in Arizona. Price is great, this bottle is better than any of the high dollar ones I’ve tried. Can’t recommend highly enough
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